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NeoHE 550
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NeoHE 550

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Input Voltage 100-240VAC +/-10%
Input Frequency Range 47Hz-63Hz
Efficiency Up to 85%
115V - Full load 76%; Typical load 82%, Light load 77.9%
230V - Full load 80%; Typical load 85%, Light load 79.45%
Voltage +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +5VSB -12V
Maximum Load 24A 20A 18A 18A 18A 2.5A 0.8A
Minimum Load 0.5A 0.3A 1A 1A 1A 0A 0A
Load Reg 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 6%
Ripple V(p-p) 50 50 120 120 120 50 120
Available Power 79.2W 100W 504W 12.5W 9.6W
Total Power 550W continuous output @50C ambient temperature
Connectors 1x20+4pin;  1x4+4pin EPS 12V(+ATX 12V); 2x6+2 PCI-E; 2x6 Pin PCI-E; 49xSATA; 6xMolex; 2xFloppy
Features - High Efficiency, Super Quiet Operation
   So highly efficient (upto 85%), one super-silent 80mm fan keeps Neo HE cool; less than 18dBA noise level.
- Advanced Cable Management System
   Improves internal airflow and reduces system clutter by allowing you to use only the cables you need.
- Universal Input with Active PFC
  Use anywhere in the world without worrying about input voltages; Active PFC improves voltage stability and delivers environmentally-friendlier power.
- Dedicated Power Circuitry
  Delivers safer, more reliable output to your system's delicate components. Includes dedicated voltage outputs, triple +12V output circuits, voltage feedback circuitry, and tighter 3% regulation for improved system stability.
- Supports ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V systems (only 500 and 550 models); backward compatible with all ATX12V systems.
- Advanced cable management system improves internal airflow and reduces system clutter, by allowing you to use only the cables you need.
- Three +12V output circuits provide maximum stable power for the CPU independently of the other peripherals.
- Accurate power rating allows Neo HE to deliver its full rated power, 24 hours a day rated at 50C.
- PCI Express graphics card power connector (Dual connectors for Neo HE 500 and HE 550 models).
- Low-speed 80mm fan delivers whisper-quiet cooling and ensures quiet operation by varying fan speed in response to load and conditions.
- SATA connectors for your Serial ATA drives.
- Industrial grade protection circuitry prevents damage resulting from short circuits (SCP), under voltage protection (UVP), power overloads (OPP), excessive current (OCP) and excessive voltages (OVP).
- Approvals: UL, CUL, CE, CB, FCC Class B, TUV, CCC, C-tick.
- MTBF: 80,000 hours
- Size: 5.9" (D) x 5.9" (W) x 3.4" (H)

Site of Antec


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