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English Vocabulary: y

  1. yaay
  2. yak open definitionclose definitionyak" is something which is an animal that is a large cattle with humped shoulders, long horns and long shaggy hair.last updated 2015/3/24 last updated 2015/3/24
  3. yam
  4. yard open definitionclose definitionA concept of measuring unit that is an imperial unit of linear measure of three feet and is approximately equal to 91.4 centimetres.last updated 2015/4/15 last updated 2015/4/15
  5. yarn
  6. yawn
  7. yawningly
  8. yay
  9. yeah
  10. year
  11. yearly
  12. yearning open definitionclose definitionyearning" is something which is the strong feeling of somebody that has an intense wish for something that cannot have easily.last updated 2015/3/1 last updated 2015/3/1
  13. yearningly
  14. yell
  15. yellow
  16. yellowish
  17. Yemen open definitionclose definitionA proper name that is used to name a ​country, officiallythe Republic of Yemen, in central ​Asia.last updated 2016/1/26 last updated 2016/1/26
  18. yeoman open definitionclose definitionA person who holds and cultivates a small landed estate.last updated 2015/3/22 last updated 2015/3/22
  19. yes
  20. yesterday open definitionclose definitionyesterday" is something which is an idea that is the time of the recent past or not long past :last updated 2015/3/22 last updated 2015/3/22
  21. yet
  22. yield
  23. yielding
  24. yieldingly
  25. yikes
  26. yippee
  27. yoke open definitionclose definitionyoke" is something which is a pair of something that is fasterned together by a yoke for doing something.last updated 2015/3/6 last updated 2015/3/6
    open definitionclose definitionyoke" is something which is a device that is a bar like wooden structure used to fasten over the necks of two animals and is connected to something for pulling.last updated 2015/3/2 last updated 2015/3/2
  28. you open definitionclose definitionA second person representation of the subject or object thing or things of a verb that is refered to the person or people being spoken or written to by one's speaking or writing.last updated 2015/3/5 last updated 2015/3/5
  29. young
  30. your
  31. yours
  32. yourself
  33. yourselves
  34. youth open definitionclose definitionThe concept of an age span of a person that is the age span ranging from childhood to adulthood or the state of being young.last updated 2015/2/27 last updated 2015/2/27
  35. youthful
  36. youthfully
  37. yow
  38. ytterbium open definitionclose definitionA 'mass' thing this a chemical element of symbol Xb, atomic number 70, and atomic weight 173.1last updated 2015/2/16 last updated 2015/2/16
  39. yttrium open definitionclose definitionA 'mass' thing this a chemical element of symbol Y, atomic number 39, and atomic weight 88.91last updated 2015/2/16 last updated 2015/2/16
  40. yummy


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