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  Active Server Pages
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   Variable of ASP
   Input of ASP
   Function of ASP

Active Server Pages

The active server pages technology is the server-side scripting technology developed by Microsoft for generating web pages dynamically. The design of active server pages is characterized by some design features.

Output of ASP

The output generated by ASP can be grouped according to the tags of block

  • Standard Block: Output block is an element bounded by start tag and end tag.
    e.g. <a>...</a>, <p>...</p>, <div>...</div>
  • Simple Block: Output block is a void element with start tag only.
    e.g. <img />, <br />
  • Compound Block: Output block is a stardard nested element bounded by standard nested tags.
    e.g. <ul><li>...</li></ul>
  • Complex Block: Output block is a formal nested element bounded by nested standard  tags.
    e.g. <div><h1>...</h1><p>...</p></div>

Variable of ASP

The variables used in ASP can be grouped according to the tasks of variable

  • General Purpose: Variables that are used as transition data for logic control
  • Flag: Variables that are used as application and function parameters
  • Specific Purpose: Variables that are used for application and function data transition

Input of ASP

The input of ASP can be grouped according to the sources of input

  • User Input: Source of input is through user interface.
  • Data File: Source of input is through internal file interface

Function of ASP

The functions of ASP can be grouped according to the flexibility of function

  • Static Function: Function with fixed variables
  • Dynamic Function: Function with variable variables   





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