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File NameDescriptionDateVersionSizeD'LinkApplied   NVDriver_388.43_Win10X32bit_20171219.zipNVDriver_388.43_Win10X32bit2017/12/19388.43490.47 MBytes w10x86--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_388.43_Win10X64bit_20171219.zipNVDriver_388.43_Win10X64bit2017/12/19388.43608.56 MBytes w10x64--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_388.43_Win7_Win8_Win8.1X32bit_20171219.zipNVDriver_388.43_Win7_Win8_Win8.1X32bit2017/12/19388.43468.67 MBytes w81x86,w8x86,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_388.43_Win7_Win8_Win8.1X64bit_20171219.zipNVDriver_388.43_Win7_Win8_Win8.1X64bit2017/12/19388.43558.59 MBytes w81x64,w8x64,w7x64--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_V388.13_Win10X32_20171114.zipNVDriver_V388.13_Win10X32bit2017/11/14388.13489.1 MBytes w10x86--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_V388.13_Win10X64_20171114.zipNVDriver_V388.13_Win10X64bit2017/11/14388.13606.94 MBytes w10x64--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_V388.13_Win7_Win8_Win8.1X32_20171114.zipNVDriver_V388.13_Win7_Win8_Win8.1X32bit2017/11/14 388.13467.4 MBytes w81x86,w8x86,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_V388.13_Win7_Win8_Win8.1X64_20171114.zipNVDriver_V388.13_Win7_Win8_Win8.1X64bit2017/11/14388.13557.15 MBytes w81x64,w8x64,w7x64--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_V38223-desktop-win10-32bit-international-whql.zipNVDriver_V382.23-desktop-win10-32bit-international-whql2017/5/17382.23332.66 MBytes w10x86--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_V38223-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.zipNVDriver_V382.23-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql2017/5/17382.23422.11 MBytes w10x64--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_V38223-desktop-win8-win7-32bit-international-whqlNVDriver_V382.23-desktop-win8-win7-32bit-international-whql2017/5/17382.23316.27 MBytes w8x86,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17NVDriver_V38223-desktop-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql.zipNVDriver_V382.23-desktop-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql2017/5/17382.23384.13 MBytes w8x64,w7x64--last updated 2018/1/17


File NameDescriptionDateVersionSizeD'LinkApplied   GPUTweak2_Ver1605_20180110.zipGPUTweak2_Ver1605 1、Fix bug: GPU Tweak II make system lag in some platform. 2、Fix bug: GPU Tweak II shows error message, “ASUSGPUFanServiceEx.exe has stopped working”, after Win10 1709 KB4056892 update.2018/1/ MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak2_Ver1591_20171219.zipGPUTweakII Version Fix bug: User account setting message shows every time when Windows start. (Win 10 RS3)2017/12/ MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak2_Ver1580_20171114.zipGPUTweak2_Ver1580 1、 Fix bug:Modify Hotkey definition to prevent compatibility and time lag issue with Nordic keyboard. 2、 Enhance: Lower memory usage on GPU Tweak2017/12/ MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak_V1.5.7_Win7-8-81-10_20171114.zipASUS GPU TweakII 1.5.7 for Win7 32/64 , Win8 32/64 , Win8.1 32/64, Win10 32/642017/11/141.5.743.27 MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak2_Ver1561_20171025.zipGPUTweakII Version Add GPU Tweak II notification window when NV debug mode is enabled. Please noticed that most GPU Tweak II configurations would be disabled in debug mode. To ensure GPU Tweak II to function correctly, please turn off the debug mode within NVIDIA control panel.2017/10/ MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17ASUS_GPUTweak_v1.5.3.5_20170927.zipGPU TWEAK II V1.5.3.5 (Normal version without skins) 1. Fixed an issue where 0dB feature was disabled for Vega 10 series cards in previous version 2. Optimized fanduty performance for Vega 10 series cards 3. Fixed an issue where enabling the SyncAll cards setting would take too long to complete 4. Updated GPU-Z.dll to latest version and optimized the info page2017/9/ MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak2_Ver1528_20170825.zipGPU TWEAK II V1.5.2.8 (Normal version without skins) Bug fixes: 1.Fixed an issue where the Power Target could not be properly adjusted for certain models. 2.0dB Fan Traditional Chinese wording has been corrected. Others: 1.Improved OC/OV stability on ARES II and ARES III models.2017/8/311.5.2.842.72 MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak2_Ver1505_20170726.zipGPUTweakII Ver1.5.0.5 Improve multi-GPU compatibility issues2017/7/ MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak2_Ver1473_20170627.zipGPUTweakII Version 1. Improved font readability with revised font 2. Fixed an UI related issue where parts of the software was not being displayed properly 3. Resolved the software conflict issue between GPU Tweak II and AURA software 4. Fixed a bug where running the stress test in FurMark ROG edition would have a pop-up indicating that the software has "stopped working" 5. Fixed a bug where using multiple cards in SLI or crossfire would cause the monitor tab to close or stop working if running any 3D application in full screen mode 6. Fixed a bug where four AMD cards in 4-way crossfire would prevent GPU Tweak II from starting up properly 7. Fixed a bug where reinstalling to a newer version of GPU Tweak II would cause the 0dB feature to not function properly2017/6/ MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak2_Ver1466_20170519.zipGPUTweakII Version 1. All fonts in the software are now unified to use the same font 2. In professional mode, the keyboard up and left arrows will now allow users to increase setting values and down and right arrows for decreasing setting values 3. Fixed a bug where some RX550 cards were seeing incorrect GPU clock value (616MHz), the correct value is 1183MHz2017/6/ MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak2_Ver1452_20170412_20170517.zipGPUTweakII Version MBytes w10x64,w10x86,w81x64,w81x86,w8x64,w8x86,w7x64,w7x86--last updated 2018/1/17


File NameDescriptionDateVersionSizeD'LinkApplied   Q13273_VGA_Warranty_Card_V3.pdfASUS Graphics Card – Warranty (Quick Start Guide for Multiple Languages)2017/12/18V31.01 MBytes others--last updated 2018/1/17R13495_Graphics_Card_UM_V4_WEB.pdfR13495_Graphics_Card_User's Manual_V42017/9/11R13495 1.01 MBytes others--last updated 2018/1/17GPUTweak_20170426.pdfGPUTweak User's Manual2017/4/26- 1.91 MBytes others--last updated 2018/1/17UserManual_20170426.pdfUser's Manual Graphic Card Driver and Utility Installation Guide2017/4/26-4.19 MBytes others--last updated 2018/1/17Warranty.pdfASUS Graphics Card – Warranty2017/4/26-669.86 KBytes others--last updated 2018/1/17


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