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VBScript Errors
  List of Errors
 Syntax Errors
 Run-time Errors
 Script Host Errors

VBScript Errors

The errors found in VBScipt can be classified as syntax errors and run-time errors. An Err object in VBScript is used to contain information about run-time errors. The Err object is an intrinsic object with global scope. The Err object also accepts the Raise and Clear methods for generating and clearing run-time errors.

List of Errors

List of errors by Err object

Error NumberHex ValueDescription 55Invalid procedure call or argument 66Overflow 77Out of memory 99Subscript out of range 10AThis array is fixed or temporarily locked 11BDivision by zero 13DType mismatch 14EOut of string space 1711Can't perform requested operation 281COut of stack space 3523Sub or Function not defined 4830Error in loading DLL 5133Internal error 5234Bad file name or number 5335File not found 5436Bad file mode 5537File already open 5739Device I/O error 583AFile already exists 613DDisk full 623EInput past end of file 6743Too many files 6844Device unavailable 7046Permission denied 7147Disk not ready 744ACan't rename with different drive 754BPath/File access error 764CPath not found 915BObject variable not set 925CFor loop not initialized 945EInvalid use of Null 322142Can't create necessary temporary file 4241A8Object required 4291ADActiveX component can't create object 4301AEClass doesn't support Automation 4321B0File name or class name not found during Automation operation 4381B6Object doesn't support this property or method 4401B8Automation error 4451BDObject doesn't support this action 4461BEObject doesn't support named arguments 4471BFObject doesn't support current locale setting 4481C0Named argument not found 4491C1Argument not optional 4501C2Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment 4511C3Object not a collection 4531C5Specified DLL function not found 4551C7Code resource lock error 4571C9This key is already associated with an element of this collection 4581CAVariable uses an Automation type not supported in VBScript 4621CEThe remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable 4811E1Invalid picture 5001F4Variable is undefined 5011F5Illegal assignment 5021F6Object not safe for scripting 5031F7Object not safe for initializing 5041F8Object not safe for creating 5051F9Invalid or unqualified reference 5061FAClass not defined 5071FBAn exception occurred 10013E9Out of memory 10023EASyntax error 10033EBExpected ':' 10053EDExpected '(' 10063EEExpected ')' 10073EFExpected ']' 10103F2Expected identifier 10113F3Expected '=' 10123F4Expected 'If' 10133F5Expected 'To' 10143F6Expected 'End' 10153F7Expected 'Function' 10163F8Expected 'Sub' 10173F9Expected 'Then' 10183FAExpected 'Wend' 10193FBExpected 'Loop' 10203FCExpected 'Next' 10213FDExpected 'Case' 10223FEExpected 'Select' 10233FFExpected expression 1024400Expected statement 1025401Expected end of statement 1026402Expected integer constant 1027403Expected 'While' or 'Until' 1028404Expected 'While', 'Until' or end of statement 1029405Expected 'With' 1030406Identifier too long 1031407Invalid number 1032408Invalid character 1033409Unterminated string constant 103440AUnterminated comment 103740DInvalid use of 'Me' keyword 103840E'loop' without 'do' 103940FInvalid 'exit' statement 1040410Invalid 'for' loop control variable 1041411Name redefined 1042412Must be first statement on the line 1043413Cannot assign to non-ByVal argument 1044414Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub 1045415Expected literal constant 1046416Expected 'In' 1047417Expected 'Class' 1048418Must be defined inside a Class 1049419Expected Let or Set or Get in property declaration 105041AExpected 'Property' 105141BNumber of arguments must be consistent across properties specification 105241CCannot have multiple default property/method in a Class 105341DClass initialize or terminate do not have arguments 105441EProperty set or let must have at least one argument 105541FUnexpected 'Next' 1056420'Default' can be specified only on 'Property' or 'Function' or 'Sub' 1057421'Default' specification must also specify 'Public' 1058422'Default' specification can only be on Property Get 40961000Microsoft VBScript compilation error 50161398Regular Expression object expected 50171399Syntax error in regular expression 5018139AUnexpected quantifier 5019139BExpected ']' in regular expression 5020139CExpected ')' in regular expression 5021139DInvalid range in character set 300007530EN 327667FFETrue 327677FFFFalse 327688000OK 327698001Cancel 327708002Help 32811802BElement not found 32812802CThe specified date is not available in the current locale's calendar

Syntax Errors

VBScript syntax errors are errors that result when the structure of one of the VBScript statements violates one or more of the grammatical rules of the VBScript scripting language. VBScript syntax errors occur during the program compilation stage, before the program has begun to be executed. Followings are a list of syntax error order by description

Error NumberHex ValueDescription105241CCannot have multiple default property/method in a Class1044414Cannot use parentheses when calling a Sub105341DClass initialize or terminate do not have arguments1058422'Default' specification can only be on Property Get1057421'Default' specification must also specify 'Public'10053EDExpected '('10063EEExpected ')'10113F3Expected '='10213FDExpected 'Case'1047417Expected 'Class'1025401Expected end of statement10143F6Expected 'End'10233FFExpected expression10153F7Expected 'Function'10103F2Expected identifier10123F4Expected 'If'1046416Expected 'In'1026402Expected integer constant1049419Expected Let or Set or Get in property declaration1045415Expected literal constant10193FBExpected 'Loop'10203FCExpected 'Next'105041AExpected 'Property'10223FEExpected 'Select'1024400Expected statement10163F8Expected 'Sub'10173F9Expected 'Then'10133F5Expected 'To'10183FAExpected 'Wend'1027403Expected 'While' or 'Until'1028404Expected 'While', 'Until' or end of statement1029405Expected 'With'1030406Identifier too long1032408Invalid character103940FInvalid 'exit' statement1040410Invalid 'for' loop control variable1031407Invalid number103740DInvalid use of 'Me' keyword103840E'loop' without 'do'1048418Must be defined inside a Class1042412Must be first statement on the line1041411Name redefined105141BNumber of arguments must be consistent across properties specification10013E9Out of memory105441EProperty set or let must have at least one argument10023EASyntax error105541FUnexpected 'Next'1033409Unterminated string constant

Run-time Errors

VBScript run-time errors are errors that result when the VBScript script attempts to perform an action that the system cannot execute. VBScript run-time errors occur while the script is being executed; when variable expressions are being evaluated, and memory is being dynamic allocated. Followings are a list of run-time error order by description

Error NumberHex ValueDescription4291ADActiveX component can't create object5071FBAn exception occurred4491C1Argument not optional1711Can't perform requested operation4301AEClass doesn't support Automation5061FAClass not defined11BDivision by zero4830Error in loading DLL5020139CExpected ')' in regular expression5019139BExpected ']' in regular expression4321B0File name or class name not found during Automation operation925CFor loop not initialized5011F5Illegal assignment5133Internal error5051F9Invalid or unqualified reference4811E1Invalid picture55Invalid procedure call or argument5021139DInvalid range in character set945EInvalid use of Null4481C0Named argument not found4471BFObject doesn't support current locale setting4451BDObject doesn't support this action4381B6Object doesn't support this property or method4511C3Object not a collection5041F8Object not safe for creating5031F7Object not safe for initializing5021F6Object not safe for scripting4241A8Object required915BObject variable not set77Out of memory281COut of stack space14EOut of string space66Overflow3523Sub or Function not defined99Subscript out of range50171399Syntax error in regular expression4621CEThe remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable10AThis array is fixed or temporarily locked13DType mismatch5018139AUnexpected quantifier5001F4Variable is undefined4581CAVariable uses an Automation type not supported in VBScript4501C2Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment

Script Host Errors

The following errors are properly speaking errors pertaining to the script host, but these errors may be seen occasionally.

ErrorHRESULTDescriptionSCRIPT_E_RECORDED0x86664004An error has been recorded to be passed between script engine and host. The host needs to pass the error code to the caller.SCRIPT_E_REPORTED0x80020101Script engine has reported an unhandled exception to the host via IActiveScriptSite::OnScriptError. Host can ignore this error.SCRIPT_E_PROPAGATE0x8002010A script error is being propagated to the caller which might be in a different thread. The host should pass the error code to the caller.


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