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Misued and Confused

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Misued and Confused

accept = to take, believe, agree to
except = not including
adverse = bad, unfavourable
averse = not liking, against
advice = guidance
advise = to give advice
affect = to influence, change, concern
effect = (noun) result, consequence, outcome; (verb) to cause, bring about
alternate = one after the other
alternative = different
appraise = to form an opinion about
apprise = to tell
on behalf of = for
on the part of = by
censor = person who checks acceptability of ilms, etc
censure = blame
choose= to select
chose = past tense of
coarse = rough, rude
course = part of meal, route of rive, golf
college = place of learning
collage = type of picture
complacent = not concerned
complaisant = happy to comply
compliment = (noun) praise; (verb) to give praise
complement = (nour) something that goes well with something else, full number; (verb) to go well with, make complete
contemptible = worthy of contempt
contemptuous = showing contempt
continual = happening repeatedly
continuous = without a break
council = body of officials, committee
conset = (noun) advice, lawyer in court; (verb) to advise, warn
conuncillor = member of council (but members of some advice-giving councils are called counsellors)
counsellor = adviser
credible = believable
creditable = worthy of praise
currant = type of fruit
current = (adjective) valid or happening at the present time; (noun) flow of water, air or electricity
desert = (noun) place with few plants; (verb) to leave
dessert = part of meal
device =tool, means of doing something
devise = to create
discomfort = slight pain
discomfit = to embarrass or disconcert
discreet = tactful
discrete = separate
distinct = clear
distinctive = characteristic
draft = rough version, bank payment order
draught = current of air, minimum depth of water for ships
elicit = to get information, etc
illicit = unlawful, not allowed
eligible = suitable, qualified
illegible = unreadable
eminent = distinguished, important
imminent = about to happen
ensure= to make sure
insure = to take out insurance
envelop = to surround or cover
envelope = cover for a letter
equable = calm
equitable = fair
fatal = causing death
fateful = of great importance
flaunt = to show off
flout = to ignore or break (rules)
fortunate = lucky
fortuitous = happening by chance
imply = to suggest
infer = to form an opinion; also to suggest
its = of it
it's = it is or it has
judicial = relating to judges
judicious = wise
licence = (noun) paper giving permission
license = (verb) to give permission to
loose = not tight
lose = (verb) to no longer have something
manifold = of many kinds
manifest = clear
mitigate = to lessen the seriousness of
militate = to act (against)
nought = zero
naught = nothing
paramount = most important
tantamount = equal (to)
passed = (verb) to move past; go by
past = (preposition) gone by something; (noun) happened in the past; (adjective) gone by, before now
practive = (noun) doing something regularly
practise = (verb) to do something regularly so as to get better
precede = to go before
proceed = to begin or continue with an activity
precipitate = hasty
precipitous = steep
principal = (adjective) main, most important; (noun) chief person, head
principle = general rule, belief, morality
purposefully = with a purpose
purposely = deliberately, on purpose
refute = to prove (something) wrong
deny = to say that something is wrong
stationary = not moving
stationery = paper, pens, etc
there = not here
their = of them
they're = they are
theirs = of them
there's = there is
to = in the direction of, toward s
too = also, excessively
two = 1+1
wave = (verb) to move from side to side; (noun) wave of water, air sound, etc
waive = not ask for
whose = of whom
who's = who is
Your = of you
your're = you are



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