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 Cascading Style Sheet Knowledge Base


CSS Syntax





( css 2.1\(last updated 2019/1/21) css 2.1\)last updated 2019/1/21: css 2.1:last updated 2019/1/21; css 2.1;last updated 2019/1/21[ css 2.1\[last updated 2019/1/21] css 2.1\]last updated 2019/1/21{ css 2.1\{last updated 2019/1/21} css 2.1\}last updated 2019/1/21ATKEYWORD css 2.1@{ident}last updated 2019/1/21BAD_COMMENT css 2.1{badcomment}last updated 2019/1/21BAD_STRING css 2.1{badstring}last updated 2019/1/21BAD_URI css 2.1{baduri}last updated 2019/1/21CDC css 2.1-->last updated 2019/1/21CDO css 2.1<!--last updated 2019/1/21COMMENT css 2.1\/\*[^*]*\*+([^/*][^*]*\*+)*\/last updated 2019/1/21DASHMATCH css 2.1|=last updated 2019/1/21DELIM css 2.1any other character not matched by the above rules, and neither a single nor a double quotelast updated 2019/1/21DIMENSION css 2.1{num}{ident}last updated 2019/1/21FUNCTION css 2.1ident}\(last updated 2019/1/21HASH css 2.1#{name}last updated 2019/1/21IDENT css 2.1{ident}last updated 2019/1/21INCLUDES css 2.1~=last updated 2019/1/21NUMBER css 2.1{num}last updated 2019/1/21PERCENTAGE css 2.1{num}%last updated 2019/1/21S css 2.1[ \t\r\n\f]+last updated 2019/1/21STRING css 2.1{string}last updated 2019/1/21UNICODE-RANGE css 2.1u\+[0-9a-f?]{1,6}(-[0-9a-f]{1,6})?last updated 2019/1/21URI css 2.1url\({w}{string}{w}\) |url\({w}([!#$%&*-\[\]-~]|{nonascii}|{escape})*{w}\)last updated 2019/1/21


The macros in curly braces ({}) of tokens are defined as follows

badcomment css 2.1{badcomment1}|{badcomment2}last updated 2019/1/21badcomment1 css 2.1\/\*[^*]*\*+([^/*][^*]*\*+)*last updated 2019/1/21badcomment2 css 2.1\/\*[^*]*(\*+[^/*][^*]*)*last updated 2019/1/21badstring css 2.1{badstring1}|{badstring2}last updated 2019/1/21badstring1 css 2.1\"([^\n\r\f\\"]|\\{nl}|{escape})*\\?last updated 2019/1/21badstring2 css 2.1\'([^\n\r\f\\']|\\{nl}|{escape})*\\?last updated 2019/1/21baduri css 2.1{baduri1}|{baduri2}|{baduri3}last updated 2019/1/21baduri1 css 2.1url\({w}([!#$%&*-~]|{nonascii}|{escape})*{w}last updated 2019/1/21baduri2 css 2.1url\({w}{string}{w}last updated 2019/1/21baduri3 css 2.1url\({w}{badstring}last updated 2019/1/21escape css 2.1{unicode}|\\[^\n\r\f0-9a-f]last updated 2019/1/21ident css 2.1[-]?{nmstart}{nmchar}*last updated 2019/1/21name css 2.1{nmchar}+last updated 2019/1/21nl css 2.1\n|\r\n|\r|\flast updated 2019/1/21nmchar css 2.1[_a-z0-9-]|{nonascii}|{escape}last updated 2019/1/21nmstart css 2.1[_a-z]|{nonascii}|{escape}last updated 2019/1/21nonascii css 2.1[^\0-\237]last updated 2019/1/21num css 2.1[0-9]+|[0-9]*\.[0-9]+last updated 2019/1/21string css 2.1{string1}|{string2}last updated 2019/1/21string1 css 2.1\"([^\n\r\f\\"]|\\{nl}|{escape})*\"last updated 2019/1/21string2 css 2.1\'([^\n\r\f\\']|\\{nl}|{escape})*\'last updated 2019/1/21unicode css 2.1\\[0-9a-f]{1,6}(\r\n|[ \n\r\t\f])?last updated 2019/1/21w css 2.1[ \t\r\n\f]*last updated 2019/1/21

Core Syntax

any css 2.1[ IDENT | NUMBER | PERCENTAGE | DIMENSION | STRING | DELIM | URI | HASH | UNICODE-RANGE | INCLUDES | DASHMATCH | ':' | FUNCTION S* [any|unused]* ')' | '(' S* [any|unused]* ')' | '[' S* [any|unused]* ']' ] S*;last updated 2019/1/21at-rule css 2.1ATKEYWORD S* any* [ block | ';' S* ];last updated 2019/1/21block css 2.1'{' S* [ any | block | ATKEYWORD S* | ';' S* ]* '}' S*;last updated 2019/1/21declaration css 2.1property S* ':' S* value;last updated 2019/1/21property css 2.1IDENT;last updated 2019/1/21ruleset css 2.1selector? '{' S* declaration? [ ';' S* declaration? ]* '}' S*;last updated 2019/1/21selector css 2.1any+;last updated 2019/1/21statement css 2.1ruleset | at-rule;last updated 2019/1/21stylesheet css 2.1[ CDO | CDC | S | statement ]*;last updated 2019/1/21unused css 2.1block | ATKEYWORD S* | ';' S* | CDO S* | CDC S*;last updated 2019/1/21value css 2.1[ any | block | ATKEYWORD S* ]+;last updated 2019/1/21

Vendor-specific Extension

Vendor-specific extension should have one of the following format

- css 2.1'-' + vendor identifier + '-' + meaningful namelast updated 2019/1/21_ css 2.1'_' + vendor identifier + '-' + meaningful namelast updated 2019/1/21

Historical Prefix Keyword

-ah- css 2.1Antenna Houselast updated 2019/1/21-atsc- css 2.1Advanced Television Standards Committeelast updated 2019/1/21-hp- css 2.1Hewlett Packardlast updated 2019/1/21-khtml- css 2.1KDElast updated 2019/1/21-moz- css 2.1Mozillalast updated 2019/1/21-ms- css 2.1Microsoftlast updated 2019/1/21mso- css 2.1Microsoftlast updated 2019/1/21-o- css 2.1Opera Softwarelast updated 2019/1/21prince- css 2.1YesLogiclast updated 2019/1/21-rim- css 2.1Research In Motionlast updated 2019/1/21-ro- css 2.1Real Objectslast updated 2019/1/21-wap- css 2.1The WAP Forumlast updated 2019/1/21-webkit- css 2.1Applelast updated 2019/1/21-xv- css 2.1Opera Softwarelast updated 2019/1/21



  1., 1999, HTML 4.01 Specification: W3C Recommendation, updated 24 December 1999

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