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Application Object

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Application Object

Application Object

Application object of ASP is related to the manipulation of information about entire web application for all clients on the server.


Method Description
Contents.Remove Remove or delete an item from the Contents collection of Application object.
Contents.RemoveAll Remove or delete all items from the Contents collection of Application object.
Lock Lock the properties of Application object by only one client at a time for preventing other clients from modification.
Unlock Unlock or release the properties of Application object by the only one client at a time for allowing other clients to modify


Property Description
Contents (Collection) Add or set the value of an item of the Contents collection of Application object through script commands.
StaticObjects (Collection) Collection of all objects added to the session through the <OBJECT> tag within the Application scope.


Event Description
Application_OnEnd Event occurs on the end of the Application after all the Session_OnEnd event. Available objects are Application Object and Server Object built-in objects.
Application_OnStart Event occurs on the start of the Application before the first Session_OnStart event. Available objects are Application Object and Server Object built-in objects.


  • All items in the collections of Application object is available within the scope of application.

  • An object instance of a component can be assigned to an item of a Contents Collection through the Server.CreateObject method with the Set keyword.

  • And an embedded object can also be assigned to an item of a StaticObjects Collection through the <OBJECT> tag

  • When store an object instance in an Application object, the threading model of objects should be considered because the threading model of objects have a significan impact on the performance and security context of the object.

  • But all built-in objects cannot be assigned to neither a Content Collection nor a StaticObjects Collection.

  • Besides, an array can also be assigned to an item of a Contents Collection in the form of a collection, but the elements of the stored array in the Contents Collection cannot be manipulated as an ordinary array directly because the array is stored as a collection.

  • The methods and properties of ASP application object can be grouped into

    • Setup/Event: Application_OnEnd; Application_OnStart
    • Variable Control: Lock; Unlock
    • Object: StaticObjects
    • Variable:
      • Add/Set: Contents;
      • Remove: Contents.Remove; Contents.RemoveAll



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