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ActiveX Data Objects Component (ADO)

ActiveX Data Objects Component (ADO)

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ASP Server Components
  ActiveX Data Objects Component
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   Objects & Collections of ADO Component
   Objects & Collections of ADO Component

ASP Server Components

The ASP built-in server components are provided to enhance the usability of ASP technology by adding some built-in components to increase the fundamental capability of ASP technology for creating dynamic and interactive web pages. The two basic built-in server components of ASP technology are the FileSystemObject component and the ActiveX Data Object (ADO) component. The FileSystemObject component is used to manipulate the file system of the server while the ActiveX date Object component  is designed for the database manipulation.

ActiveX Data Objects Component

The ActiveX Data Objects, ADO, is one of the key component of the Microsoft/Windows Data Access Components , MDAC/WDAC, for connecting to different data sources. The ActiveX Data Objects, ADO, provide language-neutral object base features for web-based applications to access and manipultate data from a variety of sources through the OLE DB system interfaces. The parent library of ActiveX Data Objects ADO is the  ADODB Library

In general, the five major functions of the ActiveX Data Objects, ADO component is DataBase Connection, DataBase Command, Data Recordset, and Data Record, Data Stream manipulation.

File Name

The ActiveX Data Objects component is included in the ADODB library of Microsoft Data Access Components, MDAC package.


Set ADOName = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.IDname")



The parameter "ADOName" is the name assigned to the instance of the ADO object of the ADODB Library created by the call using the Server.CreateObject.


The parameter "IDname" is used to specified the name of the type of ADO DataBase object included in the ADODB Library.


Although an instance of the Connection object of the ADODB Library has higher hierarchical relationship with other ADO objects in the ADODB Library, ADO objects can also be created outside the scope of the ADO hierarchy.

Objects & Collections of ADO Component

The ActiveX Data Object, ADO of the ADODB Library component can be used in the ASP page to manipulate the data of the web server. The two major types of the data manipulation are supported by the ActiveX Data Objects, ADO component. For example, Database manipulation, including database querying, and data manipulating and displaying, Data stream and file manipulation, such as Saving data into an XML file, binary or XML stream, or retrieving an Data stream.

The ActiveX Data Object, ADO of the ADODB Library component consists of a number of objects and collections.

Summary of objects and collection of thep ADODB component is:

Name Type Description
Connection Object An Connection object instance is used to represent a unique session with a data source or an actual network connection to server in a client/server database system.
Command Object An Command object is used to define a specific command for manipulating a data source.
Recordset Object An Recordset object instance is used to represent the entire set of records from a database table query or results of an executed command.
Record Object A Record object instance is used to represent a single row data entity.
Field Object A Field object instance is used to represent a column of data corresponding to a field column in the Recordset.
Fields Collection A Collection of all Field objects of a Recordset or Record object
Parameter Object A Parameter object is used to represent a parameter or argument that associated with a Command object
Parameters Collection A Collection of all Parameter objects of a Command object.
Property Object A Property object is used to represent a characteristic of an ADO object defined by the provider. The Built-in properties are properties defined in ADODB library while the dynamic properties are properties defined by the underlying provider of the ADO object
Properties Collection A Collection of all Property objects for a specific instance of an object.
Error Object A Error object is used to contain details about data access error that pertain to a single operation involving the provider.
Errors Collection A Collection of all Error objects that is created in response to a single provider-related failure.
Stream Object A Stream object is used to represent a stream of binary or text data for further  manipulating.

Objects & Collections of ADO Component

The FileSystemObject, FSO Component consists objects or collections which are the ActiveXObject objects provided by the Microsoft Scripting Run-time for creating ASP pages. And the interactive web application can then be built through the using of these built-in objects in the web pages.sing of these built-in objects in the web pages.

Methods, Properties, Collections and Events of built-in ASP objects.

Parent & Child Relation
Built-in Objects Connection Command Recordset Record Field Parameter Property Error Stream
Methods BeginTrans Cancel AddNew Cancel AppendChunk AppendChunk     Cancel
Cancel CreateParameter Cancel Close GetChunk Delete     Close
Close Execute CancelBatch CopyRecord         CopyTo
CommitTrans CancelUpdate DeleteRecord         Flush
Execute Clone GetChildren         LoadFromFile
Open Close MoveRecord         Open
OpenSchema CompareBookmarks Open         Read
RollbackTrans Delete         ReadText
  Find         SaveToFile
  GetRows       SetEOS
  GetString       SkipLine
  Move       Write
  MoveFirst       WriteText
Properties Attributes ActiveConnection AbsolutePage ActiveConnection ActualSize Attributes Attributes Description CharSet
CommandTimeout CommandText AbsolutePosition Mode Attributes Direction Name HelpContext EOS
ConnectionString CommandTimeout ActiveCommand ParentURL DefinedSize Name Type HelpFile LineSeparator
ConnectionTimeout CommandType ActiveConnection RecordType Name NumericScale Value NativeError Mode
CursorLocation Name BOF Source NumericScale Precision Number Position
DefaultDatabase Prepared Bookmark State OriginalValue Size Source Size
IsolationLevel State CacheSize   Precision Type SQLState State
Mode   CursorLocation   Status Value Type
Provider   CursorType   Type
State   DataMember   UnderlyingValue
Version   DataSource   Value
Collections Errors Parameters Fields Fields Properties        
Properties Properties Properties Properties



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