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List of Manufacturing Related Terms

The list of trigonometry related terms in alphabetic order:

abrasion 磨蝕;磨耗, 磨损,last updated 2015/11/13abscissa 横坐标,last updated 2013/1/9absolute dimensional factor 绝对尺寸系数,last updated 2019/1/3absolute motion 絕對運動, 绝对运动,last updated 2015/11/13absolute velocity 絕對速度, 绝对速度,last updated 2013/1/9acceleration 加速度, 加速度,last updated 2013/1/9acceleration analysis 加速度分析,last updated 2019/1/3acceleration diagram 加速度曲线,last updated 2019/1/3acme thread form 梯形螺纹,last updated 2019/1/3actual line of action 实际啮合线,last updated 2019/1/3addendum 齿顶高,last updated 2019/1/2addendum circle 齿顶圆,last updated 2019/1/2adjustable speed motors 调速电动机,last updated 2019/1/3advance-to return-time ratio 急回系数,last updated 2019/1/3advance-to-return time ratio 行程速比系数,last updated 2019/1/3air spring 空气弹簧,last updated 2019/1/3allowable amount of unbalance 许用不平衡量,last updated 2019/1/3allowable pressure angle 许用压力角,last updated 2019/1/3allowable stress 容許應力, 许用应力,last updated 2015/11/13amount of unbalance 不平衡量,last updated 2019/1/2amplitude of vibration 振幅,last updated 2019/1/4analysis of mechanism 机构分析,last updated 2019/1/3analytical design 解析设计,last updated 2019/1/3analytical method 解析法, 分析法,last updated 2015/11/13angle of contact 接触角, 包角,last updated 2013/1/9angular acceleration 角加速度, 角加速度,last updated 2013/1/9angular contact ball bearing 角接触球轴承,last updated 2019/1/3angular contact bearing 角接触轴承,last updated 2019/1/3angular contact radial bearing 角接触向心轴承,last updated 2019/1/3angular contact thrust bearing 角接触推力轴承,last updated 2019/1/3angular velocity 角速度, 角速度,last updated 2013/1/9angular velocity ratio 角速比,last updated 2019/1/3anneal 退火,last updated 2019/1/3annular spring 环形弹簧,last updated 2019/1/3anticlockwise 逆时针, 逆时针的,last updated 2013/1/9anti-friction quality 减摩性,last updated 2019/1/3aperiodic speed fluctuation 非周期性速度波动,last updated 2019/1/2application factor 工况系数,last updated 2019/1/3applied force 作用力,last updated 2019/1/4Archimedes worm 阿基米德蜗杆,last updated 2019/1/2arctan 反正切,last updated 2019/1/2arm 臂部,last updated 2019/1/2assembly condition 装配条件,last updated 2019/1/4Assur group 杆组,last updated 2019/1/2atlas 图册,last updated 2019/1/3atlas 图谱,last updated 2019/1/3automation 自动化,last updated 2013/1/9average stress 平均应力,last updated 2019/1/3average velocity 平均速度, 平均速度,last updated 2013/1/9axial contact bearing 轴向接触轴承,last updated 2019/1/4axial direction 轴向,last updated 2019/1/4axial internal clearance 轴向游隙,last updated 2019/1/4axial load 軸向負載, 轴向载荷,last updated 2015/11/13axial load factor 轴向载荷系数,last updated 2019/1/4axial plane 轴向平面,last updated 2019/1/4axial thrust load 轴向分力,last updated 2019/1/4axial tooth profile 轴向齿廓,last updated 2019/1/4back angle 背锥角,last updated 2019/1/2back cone 背锥,last updated 2019/1/2back cone distance 背锥距,last updated 2019/1/2backlash 间隙,last updated 2019/1/3backlash 侧隙,last updated 2019/1/2backlash 齿侧间隙,last updated 2019/1/2back-to-back arrangement 背对背安装,last updated 2019/1/2backward kinematics 反向运动学,last updated 2019/1/2balance 平衡, 天平, 秤, 平衡, 天平,last updated 2013/1/9balance of machinery 机械平衡,last updated 2019/1/3balance of mechanism 机构平衡,last updated 2019/1/3balance of rotor 转子平衡,last updated 2019/1/4balance of rotors 回转体平衡,last updated 2019/1/3balance of shaking force 惯性力平衡,last updated 2019/1/3balancing machine 平衡机,last updated 2019/1/3balancing mass 平衡质量,last updated 2019/1/3balancing quality 平衡品质,last updated 2019/1/3balancing speed 平衡转速,last updated 2019/1/3balata spring 橡胶弹簧,last updated 2019/1/3ball 球,last updated 2013/1/9ball bearing 球轴承,last updated 2019/1/3ball screw 滚珠丝杆,last updated 2019/1/3band brake 帶煞車, 带式制动器,last updated 2015/11/13barrel cam 圆柱式凸轮步进运动机构,last updated 2019/1/4base 底座,last updated 2019/1/2base circle 基圆,last updated 2019/1/3base cone 基圆锥,last updated 2019/1/3base cylinder 基圆柱,last updated 2019/1/3base pitch 基圆齿距,last updated 2019/1/3basic dynamic axial load rating 轴向基本额定动载荷,last updated 2019/1/4basic dynamic radial load rating 径向基本额定动载荷,last updated 2019/1/3basic rating life 基本额定寿命,last updated 2019/1/3basic static axial load rating 轴向基本额定静载荷,last updated 2019/1/4basic static radial load rating 径向基本额定静载荷,last updated 2019/1/3beading stress 弯曲应力,last updated 2019/1/3bearing alloy 轴承合金,last updated 2019/1/4bearing block 轴承座,last updated 2019/1/4bearing bore diameter 轴承内径,last updated 2019/1/4bearing bush 轴瓦,last updated 2019/1/4bearing bush 轴承衬,last updated 2019/1/4bearing capacity 承載能力, 承载能力,last updated 2015/11/13bearing capacity factor 承载量系数,last updated 2019/1/2bearing cup 轴承盖,last updated 2019/1/4bearing height 轴承高度,last updated 2019/1/4bearing life 轴承寿命,last updated 2019/1/4bearing outside diameter 轴承外径,last updated 2019/1/4bearing ring 轴承套圈,last updated 2019/1/4bearing width 轴承宽度,last updated 2019/1/4beginning of contact 起始啮合点,last updated 2019/1/3belleville spring 碟形弹簧,last updated 2019/1/2belt driving 带传动,last updated 2019/1/2belt pulley 带轮,last updated 2019/1/2bending moment 彎矩, 弯矩,last updated 2015/11/13bevel gear 锥齿轮,last updated 2019/1/4bevel gears 圆锥齿轮机构,last updated 2019/1/4bevel pulley 锥轮,last updated 2019/1/4bevel wheel 锥轮,last updated 2019/1/4bisector 平分线, 等分线?,last updated 2013/1/9black box 黑箱,last updated 2019/1/3blank 齿轮轮坯,last updated 2019/1/2blank 轮坯,last updated 2019/1/3block diagram 框图,last updated 2019/1/3blower 鼓風機, 鼓风机,last updated 2015/11/13bold line 粗线,last updated 2019/1/2bolts 螺栓,last updated 2019/1/3bottom clearance 顶隙,last updated 2019/1/2boundary dimension 外形尺寸,last updated 2019/1/3brake 制动器,last updated 2019/1/4buttress thread form 锯齿形螺纹,last updated 2019/1/3cage 保持架,last updated 2019/1/2calculated bending moment 计算弯矩,last updated 2019/1/3calculation moment 计算力矩,last updated 2019/1/3cam 凸轮,last updated 2019/1/3cam 凸轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3cam mechanism 凸轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3cam profile 实际廓线,last updated 2019/1/3cam profile 凸轮廓线,last updated 2019/1/3cam with oscillating follower 摆动从动件凸轮机构,last updated 2019/1/2cantilever beam 懸臂梁, 悬臂梁,last updated 2015/11/13cantilever structure 悬臂结构,last updated 2019/1/3Cartesian coordinate manipulator 直角坐标操作器,last updated 2019/1/4cascade speed control 串级调速,last updated 2019/1/2case-based design 基于实例设计,last updated 2019/1/3cefficient of travel speed variation 行程速度变化系数,last updated 2019/1/3center distance 中心距,last updated 2019/1/4center distance change 中心距变动,last updated 2019/1/4center of mass 質心, 质心,last updated 2013/1/9center of pressure 壓力中心, 压力中心,last updated 2013/1/9central gear 中心轮,last updated 2019/1/4centrifugal force 向心力,last updated 2019/1/3centrifugal seal 离心密封,last updated 2019/1/3centrifugal stress 離心應力, 离心应力,last updated 2015/11/13chain 链,last updated 2013/1/9chain dotted line 点划线,last updated 2019/1/2chain gearing 链传动装置,last updated 2019/1/3chain wheel 链轮,last updated 2019/1/3chamfer 倒角,last updated 2019/1/2change gear 变速齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2change wheel 变速齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2characteristics 特性, 特徵, 特性8,last updated 2015/11/13chassis 底座,last updated 2019/1/2circular gear 圆形齿轮,last updated 2019/1/4circular pitch 周節, 齿距,last updated 2015/11/13circular pitch 节距,last updated 2019/1/3circular thickness 圆弧齿厚,last updated 2019/1/4circulating power load 循环功率流,last updated 2019/1/3clearance 径向间隙,last updated 2019/1/3clockwise 顺时针, 顺时针的,last updated 2013/1/9closed chain mechanism 闭链机构,last updated 2019/1/2closed kinematic chain 闭式链,last updated 2019/1/2clutch 离合器,last updated 2019/1/3coarse thread 粗牙螺纹,last updated 2019/1/2coefficient 运转不均匀系数,last updated 2019/1/4coefficient of friction 摩擦係數, 摩擦系数,last updated 2013/1/9coefficient of speed fluctuation 速度不均匀波动系数, 速度不均匀系数,last updated 2019/1/3coefficient of speed fluctuation 机械运转不均匀系数,last updated 2019/1/3coincident points 重合点,last updated 2019/1/2combination in parallel 并联式组合,last updated 2019/1/2combination in series 串联式组合,last updated 2019/1/2combined efficiency 总效率,last updated 2019/1/4combined gear train 复合轮系8,last updated 2019/1/2combined mechanism 组合机构,last updated 2019/1/4combined stress 合成應力, 复合应力,last updated 2015/11/13common apex of cone 锥顶,last updated 2019/1/4common normal line 公法线,last updated 2019/1/3compensation 补偿,last updated 2013/1/9complex mechanism 复杂机构,last updated 2019/1/2composite tooth form 组合齿形,last updated 2019/1/4compound combining 复合式组合,last updated 2019/1/2compound flat belt 复合平带,last updated 2019/1/2compound gear train 复合轮系, 混合轮系,last updated 2019/1/2compound hinge 复合铰链,last updated 2019/1/2compound screw mechanism 复式螺旋机构,last updated 2019/1/2compression strength 抗压强度,last updated 2019/1/3compressive stress 壓應力, 压应力8,last updated 2015/11/13compressor 壓縮機, 压缩机,last updated 2015/11/13computer aided design 计算机辅助设计,last updated 2019/1/3computer aided manufacturing 计算机辅助制造,last updated 2019/1/3computer integrated manufacturing system 计算机集成制造系统,last updated 2019/1/3concavity 凹性, 凹面, 凹度,last updated 2013/1/9concept design 概念设计,last updated 2019/1/2concept design 方案设计,last updated 2019/1/2concurred design 并行设计,last updated 2019/1/2concurrent engineering 并行工程,last updated 2019/1/2condition of self-locking 自锁条件,last updated 2019/1/4conduction of heat 导热性,last updated 2019/1/2cone angle 圆锥角,last updated 2019/1/4cone distance 锥距,last updated 2019/1/4conjugate cam 共轭凸轮,last updated 2019/1/3conjugate profiles 共轭齿廓,last updated 2019/1/3conjugate yoke radial cam 等径凸轮,last updated 2019/1/2connecting rod 连杆,last updated 2019/1/3conoid helical-coil of velocity fluctuation compression spring 圆锥螺旋扭转弹簧,last updated 2019/1/4constant acceleration and deceleration motion 等加等减速运动规律,last updated 2019/1/2constant velocity motion 等速运动规律,last updated 2019/1/2constant-breadth cam 等宽凸轮,last updated 2019/1/2constant-velocity universal joint 双万向联轴节,last updated 2019/1/3constitution of mechanism 机构组成,last updated 2019/1/3constraining force 約束力, 束制力, 约束反力,last updated 2015/11/13constraint 約束, 束制, 约束, 约束条件,last updated 2013/1/9constraint condition 约束条件,last updated 2019/1/4consumption 消耗,last updated 2019/1/3contact points 啮合点,last updated 2019/1/3contact ration 重合度,last updated 2019/1/2contact seal 接触式密封,last updated 2019/1/3contact stress 接觸應力, 接触应力,last updated 2015/11/13conventional mechanism 常用机构,last updated 2019/1/2convex 凸的, 凸;,last updated 2013/1/9convex 凸面体,last updated 2019/1/3convex roller 球面滚子,last updated 2019/1/3coordinate 坐标系, 坐标,使同等,last updated 2013/1/9correcting plane 校正平面,last updated 2019/1/3correcting plane 平衡平面,last updated 2019/1/3corrosion resistance 耐腐蚀性,last updated 2019/1/3cosine acceleration motion 余弦加速度运动,last updated 2019/1/4counterclockwise 逆时针, 反时针方向,last updated 2013/1/9counterweight 平衡重,last updated 2019/1/3couple 力偶, 力偶,last updated 2013/1/9coupler 连杆,last updated 2019/1/3coupler-curve 连杆曲线,last updated 2019/1/3coupling 联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3crank 曲柄,last updated 2019/1/3crank angle between extreme positions 极位夹角,last updated 2019/1/3crank angle between limiting positions 极位夹角,last updated 2019/1/3crank arm 系杆,last updated 2019/1/3crank shaft 曲轴,last updated 2019/1/3crank shaper mechanism 曲柄导杆机构,last updated 2019/1/3crank-rocker mechanism 曲柄摇杆机构,last updated 2019/1/3crank-slider mechanism 曲柄滑块机构,last updated 2019/1/3creation 创新,last updated 2019/1/2creation design 创新设计,last updated 2019/1/2critical speed 臨界速率, 临界转速,last updated 2015/11/13cross-belt drive 交叉带传动,last updated 2019/1/3crossed helical gears 交错轴斜齿轮83,last updated 2019/1/3crown gear 冠轮,last updated 2019/1/3curvature 曲率, 曲率,last updated 2013/1/9curve matching 曲线拼接,last updated 2019/1/3curved-shoe follower 曲面从动件,last updated 2019/1/3curvilinear motion 曲線運動, 曲线运动,last updated 2013/1/9cusp 尖点,last updated 2019/1/3cutter 刀具,last updated 2019/1/2cycle of motion 运动周期,last updated 2019/1/4cycloidal gear 摆线齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2cycloidal motion 摆线运动规律,last updated 2019/1/2cycloidal tooth profile 摆线齿形,last updated 2019/1/2cycloidal-pin wheel 摆线针轮,last updated 2019/1/2cylindric cam 圆柱式凸轮步进运动机构,last updated 2019/1/4cylindric pair 圆柱副,last updated 2019/1/4cylindrical cam 圆柱凸轮,last updated 2019/1/4cylindrical coordinate manipulator 圆柱坐标操作器,last updated 2019/1/4cylindrical roller 圆柱滚子,last updated 2019/1/4cylindrical roller bearing 圆柱滚子轴承,last updated 2019/1/4cylindrical worm 圆柱蜗杆,last updated 2019/1/4cylindroid helical-coil compression spring 圆柱螺旋压缩弹簧,last updated 2019/1/4cylindroid helical-coil extension spring 圆柱螺旋拉伸弹簧,last updated 2019/1/4cylindroid helical-coil torsion spring 圆柱螺旋扭转弹簧 >,last updated 2019/1/4dead point 死点,last updated 2019/1/3dedendum 齿根高,last updated 2019/1/2dedendum circle 齿根圆,last updated 2019/1/2deep groove ball bearing 深沟球轴承,last updated 2019/1/3deformation 形變, 變形, 变形, 形变,last updated 2013/1/9degree of freedom 自由度, 自由度,last updated 2013/1/9degree of reliability 可靠度,last updated 2019/1/3denominator 分母,last updated 2013/1/9depth of cut 切齿深度,last updated 2019/1/3derivative 导数 ,last updated 2013/1/9design constraints 设计约束,last updated 2019/1/3design for environment 绿色设计,last updated 2019/1/3design for product's life cycle 面向产品生命周期设计,last updated 2019/1/3design methodology 设计方法学,last updated 2019/1/3design variable 设计变量,last updated 2019/1/3detrimental resistance 有害阻力,last updated 2019/1/4diameter series 直径系列,last updated 2019/1/4diametral pitch 徑節, 径节,last updated 2015/11/13diametral quotient 蜗杆直径系数,last updated 2019/1/3diametral quotient 直径系数,last updated 2019/1/4differential 差速器,last updated 2019/1/2differential gear train 差动轮系,last updated 2019/1/2differential screw mechanism 微动螺旋机构,last updated 2019/1/3differential screw mechanism 差动螺旋机构,last updated 2019/1/2dimension series 尺寸系列,last updated 2019/1/2direct kinematics 正向运动学,last updated 2019/1/4disc brake 圆盘制动器,last updated 2019/1/4disc friction clutch 圆盘摩擦离合器,last updated 2019/1/4disk cam 盘形凸轮,last updated 2019/1/3disk-like rotor 盘形转子,last updated 2019/1/3displacement 位移, 排[水]量, 排量, 位移,last updated 2013/1/9displacement diagram 位移曲线,last updated 2019/1/3double crank mechanism 双曲柄机构,last updated 2019/1/3double Haas planer 龙门刨床;,last updated 2019/1/3double rocker mechanism 双摇杆机构,last updated 2019/1/3double roller chain coupling 滚子链联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3double row bearing 双列轴承,last updated 2019/1/3double slider coupling 十字滑块联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3double universal joint 双万向联轴节,last updated 2019/1/3double-direction thrust bearing 双向推力轴承,last updated 2019/1/3double-slider mechanism 双滑块机构,last updated 2019/1/3driven gear 从动轮,last updated 2019/1/2driven link 从动件,last updated 2019/1/2driven pulley 从动带轮,last updated 2019/1/2driven system 传动系统,last updated 2019/1/2driving force 驅動力, 推動力, 驱动力,last updated 2013/1/9driving gear 主动齿轮,last updated 2019/1/4driving link 原动件,last updated 2019/1/4driving link 主动件,last updated 2019/1/4driving moment 驱动力矩,last updated 2019/1/3driving pulley 主动带轮,last updated 2019/1/4driving torque 驱动力矩,last updated 2019/1/3dwell 停歇,last updated 2019/1/3dyad II 级杆组,last updated 2019/1/2dynamic analysis design 动态分析设计,last updated 2019/1/2dynamic analysis of machinery 机械动力分析,last updated 2019/1/3dynamic balance 動態平衡;動力平衡, 动平衡,last updated 2015/11/13dynamic balancing machine 动平衡机,last updated 2019/1/2dynamic characteristics 动态特性,last updated 2019/1/2dynamic design of machinery 机械动力设计,last updated 2019/1/3dynamic energy 动能,last updated 2019/1/2dynamic equivalent axial load 轴向当量动载荷,last updated 2019/1/4dynamic equivalent radial load 径向当量动载荷,last updated 2019/1/3dynamic load 動態負載, 动载荷,last updated 2015/11/13dynamic lubrication 动力润滑,last updated 2019/1/2dynamic reaction 动压力,last updated 2019/1/2dynamic viscosity 動力黏度, 动力粘度,last updated 2015/11/13dynamically equivalent model 等效动力学模型,last updated 2019/1/2dynamics of machinery 机械动力学,last updated 2019/1/3eccentric 偏心盘,last updated 2019/1/3eccentric mass 偏心质量,last updated 2019/1/3eccentricity ratio 偏心率,last updated 2019/1/3effective circle force 有效圆周力,last updated 2019/1/4effective resistance 工作阻力,last updated 2019/1/3effective resistance moment 工作阻力矩,last updated 2019/1/3effective tension 有害阻力,last updated 2019/1/4elastic coupling 弹性联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3elasticity sliding motion 弹性滑动,last updated 2019/1/3ellipsograph 双滑块机构,last updated 2019/1/3end of contact 终止啮合点,last updated 2019/1/4end-effector 末端执行器,last updated 2019/1/3energy 能量, 能, 能量, 能;,last updated 2013/1/9engagement 啮合,last updated 2019/1/3engaging-in 啮入,last updated 2019/1/3engaging-out 啮出,last updated 2019/1/3epicyclic gear train 周转轮系 2 .,last updated 2019/1/4equilibrium 力平衡,last updated 2019/1/3equivalent 等效, 當量, 等值, 等效量, 等价(的);等价;等价的,last updated 2013/1/9equivalent coefficient of friction 当量摩擦系数,last updated 2019/1/2equivalent force 等效力,last updated 2019/1/2equivalent link 等效构件,last updated 2019/1/2equivalent load 当量载荷,last updated 2019/1/2equivalent mass 等效質量, 等效质量,last updated 2015/11/13equivalent mechanism 替代机构,last updated 2019/1/3equivalent moment of force 等效力矩,last updated 2019/1/2equivalent moment of inertia 等效慣性矩, 等效转动惯量,last updated 2015/11/13equivalent spur gear 当量齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2equivalent spur gear of the bevel gear 锥齿轮的当量直齿轮,last updated 2019/1/4equivalent spur gear of the helical gear 斜齿轮的当量直齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3equivalent teeth number 当量齿数,last updated 2019/1/2evaluation and decision 评价与决策,last updated 2019/1/3executive link 执行构件,last updated 2019/1/4external force 外力, 外力,last updated 2013/1/9external gear 外齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3external load 工作载荷,last updated 2019/1/3extreme position 极限位置,last updated 2019/1/3face width 齿宽,last updated 2019/1/2face width 平底宽度,last updated 2019/1/3face-to-face arrangement 面对面安装,last updated 2019/1/3factor of safety 安全係數, 安全系数,last updated 2015/11/13factor of stress concentration 应力集中系数,last updated 2019/1/4factored moment 计算力矩,last updated 2019/1/3fastener 紧固件,last updated 2019/1/3fatigue limit 疲乏極限, 疲勞限, 疲劳极限, 疲劳限[度],last updated 2013/1/9feather key 滑键,last updated 2019/1/3feather key 导键,last updated 2019/1/3feedback combining 反馈式组合,last updated 2019/1/2felt ring seal 毡圈密封,last updated 2019/1/4ferrofluid seal 铁磁流体密封,last updated 2019/1/3field balancing 现场平衡,last updated 2019/1/3fillet radius 圆角半径,last updated 2019/1/4final contact 终止啮合点,last updated 2019/1/4fine threads 细牙螺纹,last updated 2019/1/3fixed link 固定构件,last updated 2019/1/3fixed link 机架,last updated 2019/1/3flange coupling 凸缘联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3flank profile 齿廓,last updated 2019/1/2flat belt 平带,last updated 2019/1/3flat belt driving 平带传动,last updated 2019/1/3flat leaf spring 板簧,last updated 2019/1/2flat pair 平面副,last updated 2019/1/3flat-face follower 平底从动件,last updated 2019/1/3flexible automation 柔性自动化,last updated 2019/1/3flexible coupling 弹性联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3flexible impulse 柔性冲击,last updated 2019/1/3flexible manufacturing system 柔性制造系统,last updated 2019/1/3flexible rotor 挠性转子,last updated 2019/1/3flexspline 柔轮,last updated 2019/1/3fluctuating circulating stress 脉动循环应力,last updated 2019/1/3fluctuating load 脉动载荷,last updated 2019/1/3flywheel 飛輪, 飞轮,last updated 2015/11/13follower 从动件,last updated 2019/1/2follower dwell 从动件停歇,last updated 2019/1/2follower motion 从动件运动规律,last updated 2019/1/2force 力, 力,last updated 2013/1/9force polygon 力多邊形, 力多边形, 力的多角形,last updated 2013/1/9force-closed cam mechanism 力封闭型凸轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3forced vibration 強制振動, 强迫振动, 受迫振动,last updated 2013/1/9force-drive cam mechanism 力封闭型凸轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3forge 锻造,last updated 2019/1/2form cutting 仿形法,last updated 2019/1/2form factor 齿形系数,last updated 2019/1/2form-closed cam mechanism 形封闭凸轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3forward kinematics 正向运动学,last updated 2019/1/4foundation 底座,last updated 2019/1/2four-bar linkage 四杆机构,last updated 2019/1/3frame 机架, 架,last updated 2013/1/9frame 固定构件,last updated 2019/1/3freezing point 凝固點, 凝固点,last updated 2015/11/13frequency 頻率, 週率, 频率, 频数,last updated 2013/1/9frequency control of motor speed 变频调速,last updated 2019/1/2frequency converters 变频器,last updated 2019/1/2friction 摩擦, 摩擦, 摩擦力,last updated 2013/1/9friction angle 摩擦角, 摩擦角,last updated 2015/11/13friction circle 摩擦圆,last updated 2019/1/3friction force 摩擦力, 摩擦力,last updated 2015/11/13friction moment 摩擦力矩,last updated 2019/1/3frictional resistance 摩擦阻力,last updated 2019/1/3full balance of shaking force 惯性力完全平衡,last updated 2019/1/3function analyses design 功能分析设计,last updated 2019/1/3function generation 函数生成,last updated 2019/1/3function generator 函数发生器,last updated 2019/1/3fundamental mechanism 基础机构,last updated 2019/1/3fuzzy evaluation 模糊评价,last updated 2019/1/3fuzzy set 模糊集,last updated 2013/1/9gas bearing 气体轴承,last updated 2019/1/3gasket 垫圈,last updated 2019/1/2gasket seal 垫片密封,last updated 2019/1/2gear 齿轮机构,last updated 2019/1/2gear coupling 齿轮联轴器,last updated 2019/1/2gear ratio 齿数比,last updated 2019/1/2gear shaper 插齿机,last updated 2019/1/2gear train 轮系,last updated 2019/1/3gear train with fixed axes 定轴轮系,last updated 2019/1/2gear wheel 大齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2gearing 传动装置,last updated 2019/1/2gearing 啮合,last updated 2019/1/3general constraint 公共约束,last updated 2019/1/3generalized coordinate 廣義坐標, 广义坐标,last updated 2013/1/9generalized kinematic chain 一般化运动链,last updated 2019/1/3generating 展成法,last updated 2019/1/4generating cutting 范成法,last updated 2019/1/2generating line 发生线,last updated 2019/1/2generating line of involute 渐开线发生线,last updated 2019/1/3generating plane 发生面,last updated 2019/1/2generation mechanism 广义机构,last updated 2019/1/3Geneva mechanism 槽轮机构,last updated 2019/1/2Geneva numerate 槽数,last updated 2019/1/2Geneva wheel 槽轮,last updated 2019/1/2governor 调速器,last updated 2019/1/3graphical method 圖解法, 图解法,last updated 2013/1/9Grashoff's law 格拉晓夫定理,last updated 2019/1/3Grashoff's law 曲柄存在条件,last updated 2019/1/3green design 绿色设计 绿色设计6 绿色设计,last updated 2019/1/3grey cast iron 灰铸铁,last updated 2019/1/3grinding wheel groove 砂轮越程槽,last updated 2019/1/3groove cam 槽凸轮,last updated 2019/1/2guide-bar mechanism 曲柄导杆机构,last updated 2019/1/3gyroscope 陀螺儀, 陀螺仪,last updated 2013/1/9H. Hertz equation 赫兹公式,last updated 2019/1/3hands of worm 蜗杆旋向,last updated 2019/1/3harmonic driving 谐波传动,last updated 2019/1/3harmonic gear 谐波齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3harmonic generator 谐波发生器,last updated 2019/1/3heat balance 熱量平衡, 热平衡,last updated 2015/11/13height series 高度系列,last updated 2019/1/3helical bevel gear 螺旋锥齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3helical gear 斜齿圆柱齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3helical line 螺旋线,last updated 2019/1/3helical pair 螺旋副,last updated 2019/1/3helical torsion spring 扭簧,last updated 2019/1/3helix 螺旋線, 螺旋线,last updated 2013/1/9helix angle 螺旋角,last updated 2019/1/3helix angle at reference cylinder 分度圆柱螺旋角,last updated 2019/1/2herringbone gear 人字齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3high speed belt 高速带,last updated 2019/1/3higher pair 高副,last updated 2019/1/3hindley worm 直廓环面蜗杆,last updated 2019/1/4hinge 枢纽,last updated 2019/1/3hinge 鉸鏈, 铰链,last updated 2019/1/3hob 滚刀,last updated 2019/1/3hob 齿轮滚刀,last updated 2019/1/2hobbing cutter 齿轮滚刀,last updated 2019/1/2hollow flank worm 圆弧圆柱蜗杆,last updated 2019/1/4Hooks coupling 万向联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3hour-glass 砂漏,last updated 2019/1/3hydraulic couplers 液力耦合器,last updated 2019/1/3hydraulic mechanism 液压机构 >,last updated 2019/1/4hydraulic stepless speed changes 液压无级变速,last updated 2019/1/3hydrodynamic drive 液力传动,last updated 2019/1/3hyperboloid gear 双曲面齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3hypoid gear 准双曲面齿轮,last updated 2019/1/4idle 空转,last updated 2019/1/3idle gear 惰轮,last updated 2019/1/2imbalance 不稳定, 不平衡,last updated 2013/1/9increment or decrement work 盈亏功,last updated 2019/1/4inertia force 慣性力, 惯性力,last updated 2015/11/13infinite 无穷大, 无限;无穷;无穷的,last updated 2013/1/9initial contact 起始啮合点,last updated 2019/1/3in-line crank-slider mechanism 对心曲柄滑块机构,last updated 2019/1/2in-line roller follower 对心滚子从动件,last updated 2019/1/2in-line slider-crank mechanism 对心曲柄滑块机构,last updated 2019/1/2in-line translating follower 对心直动从动件,last updated 2019/1/2inner ring 内圈,last updated 2019/1/3innovation 创新,last updated 2019/1/2input link 输入构件,last updated 2019/1/3instantaneous center 瞬心, 瞬時中心, 瞬心,last updated 2015/11/13instantaneous center of velocity 速度瞬心,last updated 2019/1/3integrate 积分, 积;......的积分,last updated 2013/1/9intelligent design 智能化设计 6,last updated 2019/1/4interchangeable gears 互换性齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3interference 干涉, 干擾, 干涉,last updated 2013/1/9intermittent gearing 不完全齿轮机构,last updated 2019/1/2intermittent motion mechanism 间歇运动机构,last updated 2019/1/3internal force 內力, 内力,last updated 2013/1/9internal gear 内齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3inverse cam mechanism 凸轮倒置机构,last updated 2019/1/3inverse kinematics 反向运动学,last updated 2019/1/2involute equation 渐开线方程,last updated 2019/1/3involute function 渐开线函数,last updated 2019/1/3involute gear 渐开线齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3involute helicoids 渐开螺旋面,last updated 2019/1/3involute profile 渐开线齿廓,last updated 2019/1/3involute spline 渐开线花键,last updated 2019/1/3involute worm 渐开线蜗杆,last updated 2019/1/3jack 千斤顶,last updated 2019/1/3Jacobi matrix 雅可比矩阵,last updated 2019/1/3jaw positive-contact coupling 牙嵌式联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3jerk 跃度,last updated 2019/1/4jerk diagram 跃度曲线,last updated 2019/1/4jointed manipulator 关节型操作器,last updated 2019/1/3journal 轴颈,last updated 2019/1/4Kennedy's theorem 三心定理,last updated 2019/1/3key 鍵, 键,last updated 2019/1/3keyway 键槽,last updated 2019/1/3kinematic analysis 运动分析,last updated 2019/1/4kinematic chain 運動鏈, 运动链,last updated 2015/11/13kinematic design 运动设计,last updated 2019/1/4kinematic design of mechanism 机构运动设计,last updated 2019/1/3kinematic inversion 机架变换,last updated 2019/1/3kinematic inversion 运动倒置,last updated 2019/1/4kinematic inversion 反转法,last updated 2019/1/2kinematic pair 运动副,last updated 2019/1/4kinematic precept design 运动方案设计,last updated 2019/1/4kinematic sketch 运动简图,last updated 2019/1/4kinematic sketch of mechanism 机构运动简图,last updated 2019/1/3kinematic synthesis 运动综合,last updated 2019/1/4kinematic viscosity 動黏滯, 運動黏度, 运动粘度,last updated 2013/1/9kinematical seal 动密封,last updated 2019/1/2knife-edge follower 尖底从动件,last updated 2019/1/3labyrinth seal 迷宫密封,last updated 2019/1/3lathe 车床,last updated 2019/1/2layout of cam profile 凸轮廓线绘制,last updated 2019/1/3lead 导程,last updated 2019/1/2lead 螺纹导程,last updated 2019/1/3lead angle 導角, 导程角,last updated 2015/11/13lead angle at reference cylinder 分度圆柱导程角,last updated 2019/1/2leakage 泄漏,last updated 2019/1/3length of line of action 啮合线长度,last updated 2019/1/3level 扳手,last updated 2019/1/2lift 升距,last updated 2019/1/3limiting position 极限位置,last updated 2013/1/9line of action 啮合线,last updated 2019/1/3line of centers 连心线,last updated 2019/1/3linear motion 線運動, 直线运动,last updated 2015/11/13link 构件,last updated 2019/1/3linkage 連桿組, 连杆机构,last updated 2015/11/13lip rubber seal 唇形橡胶密封,last updated 2019/1/2liquid spring 液体弹簧,last updated 2019/1/4load 負載, 负荷, 载荷,last updated 2013/1/9load balancing mechanism 均衡装置,last updated 2019/1/3load rating 额定载荷,last updated 2019/1/2load-deformation curve 载荷变形曲线,last updated 2019/1/4load-deformation diagram 载荷变形图,last updated 2019/1/4loom 织布机,last updated 2019/1/4lower pair 低副,last updated 2019/1/2lubricant 润滑剂,last updated 2019/1/3lubricant film 润滑油膜,last updated 2019/1/3lubrication 潤滑, 润滑-,last updated 2015/11/13lubrication device 润滑装置,last updated 2019/1/3machine 機械, 机器, 机械,last updated 2013/1/9machine design 机械设计,last updated 2019/1/3machinery 机械,last updated 2019/1/3magnetic fluid bearing 磁流体轴承,last updated 2019/1/2Maltese cross 马耳他十字,last updated 2019/1/3Maltese cross 槽轮机构,last updated 2019/1/2manipulator 机器人操作器,last updated 2019/1/3manipulator 机械手,last updated 2019/1/3mass 質量, 质量,last updated 2013/1/9mass-radius product 质径积,last updated 2019/1/4matching 拼接,last updated 2019/1/3mathematic model 数学模型,last updated 2019/1/3maximum difference work between plus and minus work 最大盈亏功,last updated 2019/1/4mean diameter 中径,last updated 2019/1/4mean screw diameter 平均中径,last updated 2019/1/3mechanical advantage 机械利益,last updated 2019/1/3mechanical behavior 机械特性,last updated 2019/1/3mechanical creation design 机械创新设计,last updated 2019/1/3mechanical design 机械设计,last updated 2019/1/3mechanical efficiency 機械效率, 机械效率,last updated 2015/11/13mechanical speed governors 机械调速,last updated 2019/1/3mechanical stepless speed changes 机械无级变速,last updated 2019/1/3mechanical system 机械系统,last updated 2019/1/3mechanical system design 机械系统设计,last updated 2019/1/3mechanical-electrical integration system design 机电一体化系统设计,last updated 2019/1/3mechanism 机构,last updated 2019/1/3mechanism 机构学,last updated 2019/1/3mechanism in common use 常用机构,last updated 2019/1/2mechanism with flexible elements 挠性机构,last updated 2019/1/3membership 隶属度,last updated 2019/1/3mesh 啮合,last updated 2019/1/3metric gear 公制齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3mid-plane 中间平面,last updated 2019/1/4milled helicoids worm 锥面包络圆柱蜗杆,last updated 2019/1/4minimum radius 最小向径,last updated 2019/1/4minimum teeth number 最少齿数,last updated 2019/1/4minor diameter 小径,last updated 2019/1/3mobility 自由度,last updated 2019/1/4modern machine design 机械的现代设计,last updated 2019/1/3modification coefficient 变位系数,last updated 2019/1/2modified gear 变位齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2modified sine acceleration motion 修正正弦加速度运动规律,last updated 2019/1/3modified trapezoidal acceleration motion 修正梯形加速度运动规律,last updated 2019/1/3modular design 模块化设计,last updated 2019/1/3modular system 模块式传动系统,last updated 2019/1/3modulation 调节,last updated 2019/1/3module 模數{單}, 模数, 模,last updated 2013/1/9moment of couple 力偶矩, 力偶矩,last updated 2013/1/9moment of flywheel 飞轮矩,last updated 2019/1/2moment of inertia 慣性矩, 轉動慣量, 惯性力矩, 转动惯量;贯性矩;惯性矩,last updated 2013/1/9moment of torque 扭矩,last updated 2019/1/3morphology box 模幅箱,last updated 2019/1/3moving link 运动构件,last updated 2019/1/4multi-diameter shaft 阶梯轴,last updated 2019/1/3multi-row bearing 多列轴承,last updated 2019/1/2narrow V belt 窄V带,last updated 2019/1/4needle roller 滚针,last updated 2019/1/3needle roller bearing 滚针轴承,last updated 2019/1/3nominal stress 標稱應力, 公称应力,last updated 2015/11/13nominal stress 名义应力,last updated 2019/1/3Nomogram 诺模图,last updated 2019/1/3non-circular seal 非圆齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2non-contact seal 非接触式密封,last updated 2019/1/2nonstandard gear 非标准齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2normal circular pitch 法面齿距,last updated 2019/1/2normal cone 背锥,last updated 2019/1/2normal force 法向力, 法向力,last updated 2013/1/9normal load 法向負載, 法向载荷,last updated 2015/11/13normal load 垂直载荷,last updated 2019/1/2normal module 法面模数,last updated 2019/1/2normal parameters 法面参数,last updated 2019/1/2normal pitch 法向齿距,last updated 2019/1/2normal plane 法面,last updated 2013/1/9normal pressure angle 法面压力角,last updated 2019/1/2normal stress 正向應力, 正应力,last updated 2019/1/4normal stress 法向應力, 法向应力,last updated 2013/1/9normal tooth profile 法向齿廓,last updated 2019/1/2number of threads 蜗杆头数,last updated 2019/1/3number of waves 波数,last updated 2019/1/2numerator 分子,last updated 2013/1/9O ring seal O形密封圈密封,last updated 2019/1/3objective function 目标函数,last updated 2013/1/9offset 偏置式,last updated 2019/1/3offset circle 偏距圆,last updated 2019/1/3offset distance 偏心距,last updated 2019/1/3offset distance 偏距,last updated 2019/1/3offset knife-edge follower 偏置尖底从动件,last updated 2019/1/3offset roller follower 偏置滚子从动件,last updated 2019/1/3offset slider-crank mechanism 偏置曲柄滑块机构,last updated 2019/1/3oil bearing 含油轴承,last updated 2019/1/3oil bottle 油杯,last updated 2019/1/4oil can 油壶,last updated 2019/1/4oil consumption 耗油量,last updated 2019/1/3oil consumption factor 耗油量系数,last updated 2019/1/3oil ditch seal 油沟密封,last updated 2019/1/4Oldham coupling 双转块机构,last updated 2019/1/3Oldham's coupling 十字滑块联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3on-net design 网上设计,last updated 2019/1/3open chain mechanism 开链机构,last updated 2019/1/3open kinematic chain 开式链,last updated 2019/1/3open-belt drive 开口传动,last updated 2019/1/3operation control device 操纵及控制装置,last updated 2019/1/2operation mechanism 工作机构,last updated 2019/1/3optimal design 優選設計, 优化设计,last updated 2015/11/13ordinary gear train 定轴轮系,last updated 2019/1/2ordinate 纵坐标,last updated 2013/1/9orientation 位姿,last updated 2019/1/3original mechanism 原始机构,last updated 2019/1/4oscillating bar 摆杆,last updated 2019/1/2oscillating guide-bar mechanism 摆动导杆机构,last updated 2019/1/2oscillatng follower 摆动从动件,last updated 2019/1/2other mechanism in common use 其他常用机构B,last updated 2019/1/3outer ring 外圈,last updated 2019/1/3output link 输出构件,last updated 2019/1/3output mechanism 输出机构,last updated 2019/1/3output shaft 输出轴,last updated 2019/1/3output torque 输出力矩,last updated 2019/1/3output work 輸出功, 输出功,last updated 2015/11/13overall efficiency 總效率, 總包效率, 总效率,last updated 2015/11/13overlap contact ratio 纵向重合度,last updated 2019/1/4packer 打包机,last updated 2019/1/2paired mounting 成对安装,last updated 2019/1/2parabolic motion 等加等减速运动规律??,last updated 2019/1/2parabolic motion 抛物线运动,last updated 2019/1/3parallel combined mechanism 并联组合机构,last updated 2019/1/2parallel helical gears 平面轴斜齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3parallel key 普通平键,last updated 2019/1/3parallel mechanism 并联机构,last updated 2019/1/2parameterization design 参数化设计,last updated 2019/1/2partial balance of shaking force 惯性力部分平衡,last updated 2019/1/3passive constraint 虚约束,last updated 2019/1/3passive degree of freedom 局部自由度,last updated 2019/1/3path generation 轨迹生成,last updated 2019/1/3path generator 轨迹发生器,last updated 2019/1/3pawl 棘爪,last updated 2019/1/3pedal 踏板,last updated 2019/1/3periodic speed fluctuation 周期性速度波动,last updated 2019/1/4permissible stress 许用应力,last updated 2019/1/3phase angle of unbalance 不平衡相位,last updated 2019/1/2pin 銷, 销,last updated 2015/11/13pinion 小齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3pinion and rack 齿轮齿条机构,last updated 2019/1/2pinion cutter 齿轮插刀,last updated 2019/1/2pinion unit 齿轮传动系,last updated 2019/1/2pinion-shape shaper cutter 齿轮插刀,last updated 2019/1/2pitch 周节,last updated 2019/1/4pitch circle 节圆,last updated 2019/1/3pitch cone 节圆锥,last updated 2019/1/3pitch cone angle 节圆锥角,last updated 2019/1/3pitch curve 理论廓线,last updated 2019/1/3pitch curve 凸轮理论廓线,last updated 2019/1/3pitch line 节线,last updated 2019/1/3pitch of teeth 节距,last updated 2019/1/3pitch point 节点,last updated 2019/1/3pitting 点蚀, 疲劳点蚀,last updated 2019/1/2planar cam 平面凸轮,last updated 2019/1/3planar cam mechanism 平面凸轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3planar kinematic pair 平面运动副,last updated 2019/1/3planar linkage 平面连杆机构,last updated 2019/1/3planar mechanism 平面机构,last updated 2019/1/3planar pair 平面副,last updated 2019/1/3planet carrier 系杆,last updated 2019/1/3planet gear 行星轮,last updated 2019/1/3planetary differential 封闭差动轮系,last updated 2019/1/2planetary drive with small teeth difference 少齿差行星传动,last updated 2019/1/3planetary gear train 行星齒輪系, 行星(式)齒輪系, 行星轮系,last updated 2015/11/13planetary speed changing devices 行星轮变速装置,last updated 2019/1/3planetary transmission 行星齿轮装置,last updated 2019/1/3plasticine 橡皮泥,last updated 2019/1/3pneumatic mechanism 气动机构,last updated 2019/1/3pointing 尖点,last updated 2019/1/3polar coordinate manipulator 球坐标操作器,last updated 2019/1/3poly V-belt 多楔带,last updated 2019/1/2polynomial motion 多项式运动规律,last updated 2019/1/2pose 位姿,last updated 2019/1/3position B 位姿,last updated 2019/1/3positive-drive cam mechanism 形封闭凸轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3potted component 密封元件,last updated 2019/1/3powder metallurgy 粉末合金,last updated 2019/1/2power 功率, 功率,last updated 2019/1/3power screw 螺旋传动,last updated 2019/1/3power spring 涡圈形盘簧,last updated 2019/1/3preload 预紧力,last updated 2019/1/4pressure 壓力, 壓力[強度],, 壓, 压力, 压强,last updated 2013/1/9pressure angle 壓力角, 压力角,last updated 2015/11/13pressure angle of base circle 基圆压力角,last updated 2019/1/3pressure angle of involute 渐开线压力角,last updated 2019/1/3prime mover 原动机,last updated 2019/1/4primer mover 原动机,last updated 2019/1/4prismatic joint 移动关节,last updated 2019/1/4prismatic pair 移动副,last updated 2019/1/4productive resistance 生产阻力,last updated 2019/1/3pulsating stepless speed changes 脉动无级变速,last updated 2019/1/3punch 冲床,last updated 2019/1/2quadrant 象限, 象限儀[天], 象限,last updated 2013/1/9quick-return characteristics 急回特性,last updated 2019/1/3quick-return mechanism 急回机构,last updated 2019/1/3quick-return motion 急回运动,last updated 2019/1/3raceway 滚道,last updated 2019/1/3rack 齿条,last updated 2019/1/2rack cutter 齿条插刀,last updated 2019/1/2rack gear 齿条传动,last updated 2019/1/2rack-shaped cutter 齿条插刀,last updated 2019/1/2radial bearing 向心轴承,last updated 2019/1/3radial contact bearing 径向接触轴承,last updated 2019/1/3radial direction 径向,last updated 2019/1/3radial internal clearance 径向游隙,last updated 2019/1/3radial load 径向载荷,last updated 2019/1/3radial load factor 径向载荷系数3,last updated 2019/1/3radial plane 径向平面,last updated 2019/1/3radial reciprocating follower 对心移动从动件,last updated 2019/1/2radial roller follower 对心滚子从动件,last updated 2019/1/2radial translating follower 对心直动从动件,last updated 2019/1/2radius of base circle 基圆半径,last updated 2019/1/3radius of curvature 曲率半徑, 曲率半径,last updated 2013/1/9radius of roller 滚子半径,last updated 2019/1/3ratchet 棘轮,last updated 2019/1/3ratchet mechanism 棘轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3rating life 额定寿命,last updated 2019/1/2reciprocating follower 移动从动件,last updated 2019/1/4reciprocating motion 往复移动,last updated 2019/1/3reciprocating seal 往复式密封,last updated 2019/1/3reduction gear 减速齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3reduction gear 减速装置,last updated 2019/1/3reduction ratio 减速比,last updated 2019/1/3redundant constraint 虚约束,last updated 2019/1/3redundant degree of freedom 冗余自由度,last updated 2019/1/3reference circle 分度圆,last updated 2019/1/2reference cone 分度圆锥,last updated 2019/1/2reference line 分度线,last updated 2019/1/2regulation 调节,last updated 2019/1/3regulator 调速器,last updated 2019/1/3relative gap 相对间隙,last updated 2019/1/3relative motion 相對運動, 相对运动,last updated 2013/1/9relative velocity 相對速度, 相对速度,last updated 2013/1/9reliability 可靠度, 可靠性,last updated 2013/1/9reliability design 可靠性设计,last updated 2019/1/3repeated fluctuating load 交变载荷,last updated 2019/1/3repeated stress 重覆應力, 交变应力,last updated 2015/11/13residual stress 殘留應力, 残余应力,last updated 2015/11/13resistance 阻抗力,last updated 2019/1/4resultant bending moment 合成弯矩,last updated 2019/1/3resultant force 合力, 合力,last updated 2013/1/9resultant force 总反力,last updated 2019/1/4resultant moment of force 合力矩,last updated 2019/1/3resultant moment of inertia 惯性主矩,last updated 2019/1/3resultant vector of inertia 惯性主矢,last updated 2019/1/3return 回程, 回程, 返回,last updated 2013/1/9revolute joint 转动关节,last updated 2019/1/4revolute pair 转动副,last updated 2019/1/4revolving shaft 转轴,last updated 2019/1/4Reynolds's equation 雷诺方程,last updated 2019/1/3right triangle 直角三角形 ,last updated 2013/1/9rigid bearing 刚性轴承,last updated 2019/1/3rigid circular spline 刚轮,last updated 2019/1/3rigid coupling 刚性联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3rigid rotor 刚性转子,last updated 2019/1/3ring gear 内齿圈,last updated 2019/1/3rise 升程,last updated 2019/1/3rise 推程,last updated 2019/1/3rivet 铆钉,last updated 2019/1/3robot 机器人,last updated 2019/1/3robotics 机器人学,last updated 2019/1/3robust design 稳健设计,last updated 2019/1/3rocker 摇杆,last updated 2019/1/3roller bearing 滚子轴承,last updated 2019/1/3roller chain 滚子链,last updated 2019/1/3roller follower 滚子从动件,last updated 2019/1/3roller overrun clutch 滚柱式单向超越离合器,last updated 2019/1/3rolling bearing 滚动轴承,last updated 2019/1/3rolling bearing identification code 滚动轴承代号,last updated 2019/1/3rolling element 滚动体,last updated 2019/1/3rotary motion 旋转运动,last updated 2019/1/3rotating seal 旋转式密封,last updated 2019/1/3rotating speed 转速,last updated 2019/1/4rotor 轉子, 转子,last updated 2015/11/13rotor with several masses 多质量转子,last updated 2019/1/2round belt 圆带,last updated 2019/1/4round belt drive 圆带传动,last updated 2019/1/4rubber-cushioned sleeve bearing coupling 弹性套柱销联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3running torque 旋转力矩,last updated 2019/1/3safety factor 安全係數, 安全系数,last updated 2015/11/13safety load 安全载荷,last updated 2019/1/2scale 比例尺,last updated 2019/1/2scoring 胶合,last updated 2019/1/3scotch yoke 正弦机构,last updated 2019/1/4scratching 磨损,last updated 2019/1/3screw 螺杆,last updated 2019/1/3screw efficiency 螺纹效率,last updated 2019/1/3screw mechanism 螺旋机构,last updated 2019/1/3screw nut 螺母,last updated 2019/1/3screws 螺钉,last updated 2019/1/3seal 密封,last updated 2019/1/3seal belt 密封带,last updated 2019/1/3seal gum 密封胶,last updated 2019/1/3sealing arrangement 密封装置,last updated 2019/1/3section 截面,last updated 2019/1/3self-aligning ball bearing 调心球轴承,last updated 2019/1/3self-aligning bearing 调心轴承,last updated 2019/1/3self-aligning roller bearing 调心滚子轴承,last updated 2019/1/3self-locking 自锁,last updated 2019/1/4series combined mechanism 串联式组合机构,last updated 2019/1/2serration spline 三角形花键,last updated 2019/1/3shaft 軸, (升降)井, 轴1,last updated 2015/11/13shaft angle 轴角,last updated 2019/1/4shaft collar 轴环,last updated 2019/1/4shaft coupling 联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3shaft end ring 轴端挡圈,last updated 2019/1/4shaft shoulder 轴肩,last updated 2019/1/4shaking couple 振动力矩,last updated 2019/1/4shaking moment 惯性力矩,last updated 2019/1/3shaper 牛头刨床,last updated 2019/1/3shock-absorber 缓冲装置,last updated 2019/1/3shockproof device 防振装置,last updated 2019/1/2shocks 缓冲装置,last updated 2019/1/3silent chain 无声链,last updated 2019/1/2silent chain 齿形链,last updated 2019/1/2simple harmonic motion 余弦加速度运动,last updated 2019/1/4simple harmonic motion 简谐运动,last updated 2013/1/9sine generator 正弦机构,last updated 2019/1/4single row bearing 单列轴承,last updated 2019/1/2single universal joint 单万向联轴节,last updated 2019/1/2single-direction thrust bearing 单向推力轴承,last updated 2019/1/2singular position 奇异位置,last updated 2019/1/3six-bar linkage 六杆机构,last updated 2019/1/3slack-side 松边,last updated 2019/1/3sleeve 套筒,last updated 2019/1/3slider 滑块,last updated 2019/1/3slider-crank mechanism 曲柄滑块机构,last updated 2019/1/3sliding bearing 滑动轴承,last updated 2019/1/3sliding pair 移动副,last updated 2019/1/4sliding ratio 滑动率,last updated 2019/1/3slipping 打滑,last updated 2019/1/2soft shock 柔性冲击,last updated 2019/1/3solid lubricant 固体润滑剂,last updated 2019/1/3solidifying point 固化點, 凝固点,last updated 2013/1/9spacewidth 齿槽宽,last updated 2019/1/2spanner 扳手,last updated 2019/1/2spatial cam 空间凸轮机构 2 空间凸轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3spatial kinematic chain 空间运动链,last updated 2019/1/3spatial kinematic pair 空间运动副,last updated 2019/1/3spatial linkage 空间连杆机构,last updated 2019/1/3spatial mechanism 立體機構, 空间机构,last updated 2015/11/13special kinematic chain 特殊运动链,last updated 2019/1/3specific heat capacity 比热容,last updated 2019/1/2speed change 变速,last updated 2019/1/2speed control system 调速系统,last updated 2019/1/3speed fluctuation 速度波动,last updated 2019/1/3speed governing 调速,last updated 2019/1/3speed ration 传动比,last updated 2019/1/2speed reducer 减速器,last updated 2019/1/3speed-changing gear boxes 齿轮变速箱,last updated 2019/1/2sphere-pin pair 球销副,last updated 2019/1/3spheric pair 球面副,last updated 2019/1/3spherical involute 球面渐开线,last updated 2019/1/3spherical motion 球面運動, 球面运动,last updated 2015/11/13spindle 心轴,last updated 2019/1/3spiral bevel gear 曲齿锥齿轮,last updated 2019/1/3spiral seal 螺旋密封,last updated 2019/1/3spline 花键,last updated 2019/1/3spontaneous ignition 燃点,last updated 2019/1/3sprocket 链轮 链轮,last updated 2019/1/3sprocket gear 链轮,last updated 2019/1/3sprocket-wheel 链轮,last updated 2019/1/3spur gear 直齿圆柱齿轮,last updated 2019/1/4square threaded form 矩形螺纹,last updated 2019/1/3square-jaw positive-contact clutch 矩形牙嵌式离合器,last updated 2019/1/3stack mounting 组合安装,last updated 2019/1/4standard cutting pitch circle 分度圆,last updated 2019/1/2standard gear 标准齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2standard pitch circle 分度圆,last updated 2019/1/2standard pitch cone 分度圆锥,last updated 2019/1/2standard pitch line 分度线,last updated 2019/1/2standard spur gear 标准直齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2starting period 起动阶段,last updated 2019/1/3starting torque 启动力矩,last updated 2019/1/3static balance 靜態平衡, 静平衡,last updated 2015/11/13static equivalent axial load 轴向当量静载荷,last updated 2019/1/4static equivalent radial load 径向当量静载荷,last updated 2019/1/3static force 静力,last updated 2019/1/3static load 靜態負載, 静载荷,last updated 2015/11/13static seal 静密封,last updated 2019/1/3steady motion period 稳定运转阶段,last updated 2019/1/3step pulley 塔轮,last updated 2019/1/3stepless speed changes devices 无级变速装置,last updated 2019/1/3stiffness coefficient 勁度係數, 刚度系数,last updated 2015/11/13stopping phase 停车阶段,last updated 2019/1/3straight bevel gear 直齿锥齿轮,last updated 2019/1/4straight shaft 直轴,last updated 2019/1/4straight sided normal worm 法向直廓蜗杆,last updated 2019/1/2stress amplitude 應力幅度, 应力幅,last updated 2015/11/13stress concentration 應力集中, 应力集中,last updated 2015/11/13stress diagram 应力图,last updated 2019/1/4stress-strain diagram 應力應變圖, 应力应变图,last updated 2015/11/13structure 結構, 结构,last updated 2013/1/9studs 双头螺柱,last updated 2019/1/3sub-mechanism 子机构,last updated 2019/1/4subroutine 子程序,last updated 2013/1/9sun gear 太阳轮,last updated 2019/1/3sunk key 嵌入键,last updated 2019/1/3superficial mass factor 表面质量系数,last updated 2019/1/2surface coefficient of heat transfer 表面传热系数,last updated 2019/1/2surface roughness 表面粗糙度,last updated 2019/1/2swiveling speed 转速,last updated 2019/1/4symmetry circulating stress 对称循环应力,last updated 2019/1/2synchronous belt 同步带,last updated 2019/1/3synchronous belt drive 同步带传动,last updated 2019/1/3synthesis of mechanism 机构综合,last updated 2019/1/3tangent mechanism 正切机构 6,last updated 2019/1/4taper key 斜键,last updated 2019/1/3taper key 钩头楔键,last updated 2019/1/3tapered roller 圆锥滚子,last updated 2019/1/4tapered roller bearing 圆锥滚子轴承,last updated 2019/1/4technical and economic evaluation 技术经济评价,last updated 2019/1/3technique process 技术过程,last updated 2019/1/3technique system 技术系统,last updated 2019/1/3technological design 工艺设计,last updated 2019/1/3teeth positive-contact coupling 牙嵌式联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3tension 張力;, 抗張力, 拉力, 张力, 张紧力,last updated 2013/1/9tension pulley 张紧轮,last updated 2019/1/4theoretical line of action 理论啮合线,last updated 2019/1/3theory of constitution 组成原理,last updated 2019/1/4theory of machines and mechanisms 机械原理,last updated 2019/1/3thermal equilibrium 熱平衡, 热平衡,last updated 2013/1/9thickness on pitch circle 节圆齿厚,last updated 2019/1/3thread 螺纹,last updated 2019/1/3thread of a screw 螺纹,last updated 2019/1/3thread pitch 螺距,last updated 2019/1/3three-dimensional cam 三维凸轮,last updated 2019/1/3thrust ball bearing 推力球轴承,last updated 2019/1/3thrust bearing 推力轴承,last updated 2019/1/3tight-side 紧边,last updated 2019/1/3tight-up V belt 联组V带,last updated 2019/1/3toggle mechanism 肘形机构,last updated 2019/1/4tool withdrawal groove 退刀槽,last updated 2019/1/3tooth curve 齿廓曲线,last updated 2019/1/2tooth number 齿数,last updated 2019/1/2tooth profile 齿廓,last updated 2019/1/2tooth ratchet mechanism 齿式棘轮机构,last updated 2019/1/2tooth space 齿槽,last updated 2019/1/2tooth thickness 齿厚,last updated 2019/1/2toroid helicoids worm 环面蜗杆,last updated 2019/1/3torsion stress 扭转应力,last updated 2019/1/3total contact ratio 总重合度,last updated 2019/1/4transmission angle 传动角,last updated 2019/1/2transmission gear 传动装置,last updated 2019/1/2transmission ratio 传动比,last updated 2019/1/2transmission shaft 传动轴,last updated 2019/1/2transverse circular pitch 端面齿距,last updated 2019/1/2transverse contact ratio 端面重合度,last updated 2019/1/2transverse module 端面模数,last updated 2019/1/2transverse parameters 端面参数,last updated 2019/1/2transverse plane 端面,last updated 2019/1/2transverse pressure angle 端面压力角,last updated 2019/1/2transverse tooth profile 端面齿廓,last updated 2019/1/2tribology design 摩擦学设计,last updated 2019/1/3turning pair 转动副,last updated 2019/1/4two-dimensional cam 两维凸轮,last updated 2019/1/3type selection 选型,last updated 2019/1/3unbalance 不平衡,last updated 2019/1/2undercutting 根切,last updated 2019/1/3undercutting 过度切割,last updated 2019/1/3undercutting 运动失真,last updated 2019/1/4uniform motion 等速運動, 等速运动规律, 匀速运动,last updated 2013/1/9unit vector 單位向量, 单位矢量, 单位向量,last updated 2013/1/9universal coupling 万向联轴器,last updated 2019/1/3useful resistance 有益阻力,last updated 2019/1/4useless resistance 有害阻力,last updated 2019/1/4V belt V带,last updated 2019/1/3V belt 三角带,last updated 2019/1/3V thread screw 三角形螺纹,last updated 2019/1/3variable voltage control 调压调速,last updated 2019/1/3vector 向量, 矢量, 向量, 矢量,last updated 2013/1/9velocity 速度, 速度,last updated 2013/1/9velocity diagram 速度曲线,last updated 2019/1/3vibration 振動, 振动,last updated 2013/1/9vice 台钳,last updated 2019/1/3vice 虎钳,last updated 2019/1/3virtual gear 当量齿轮,last updated 2019/1/2virtual number of teeth 当量齿数,last updated 2019/1/2virtual reality 虚拟现实,last updated 2019/1/3virtual reality design 虚拟现实设计,last updated 2019/1/3virtual reality technology 虚拟现实技术,last updated 2019/1/3viscosity 能量指示图??,last updated 2019/1/3wave generator 波发生器,last updated 2019/1/2wear 磨损,last updated 2019/1/3wear resistance 耐磨性,last updated 2019/1/3wedge cam 移动凸轮,last updated 2019/1/4weight sets 权重集,last updated 2019/1/3weighting efficient 加权系数,last updated 2019/1/3whitworth mechanism 转动导杆机构,last updated 2019/1/4whole depth 全齿高,last updated 2019/1/3width of flat-face 从动件平底宽度,last updated 2019/1/2width series 宽度系列,last updated 2019/1/3wire soft shaft 钢丝软轴,last updated 2019/1/3woodruff key 半圆键,last updated 2019/1/2work 功, 功,last updated 2013/1/9working cycle diagram 工作循环图,last updated 2019/1/3working link 执行构件,last updated 2019/1/4working pressure angle 啮合角,last updated 2019/1/3working space 工作空间,last updated 2019/1/3working stress 工作應力, 工作应力,last updated 2015/11/13worm 蜗杆,last updated 2019/1/3worm and worm gear 蜗杆蜗轮机构,last updated 2019/1/3worm cam interval mechanism 蜗杆形凸轮步进机构,last updated 2019/1/3worm gear 蜗轮,last updated 2019/1/3worm gearing 蜗杆传动机构,last updated 2019/1/3wrench 扳手,last updated 2019/1/2wrist 腕部,last updated 2019/1/3


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