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html 401 tag table

element start tag end tag description
<!--...--> <!-- --> document comment 
<!DOCTYPE> <!DOCTYPE > document type
a <a> </a> anchor
abbr <abbr> </abbr> abbreviated text form
acronym <acronym> </acronym acronym text form
address <address> </address> author contact information
applet <applet> </applet> java applet
area <area>    image map clickable area
b <b> </b> bold text style
base <base>   base document url
basefont <basefont>   base font size
bdo <bdo> </bdo> text direction
big <big> </big> bigger text style
blockquote <blockquote> </blockquote> block quotation
body <body> </body> document body
br <br>   line break insert
button <button> </button> form button input
caption <caption> </caption> table caption
center <center> </center> centered division
cite <cite> </cite> citation
code <code> </code> computer code
col <col>   table column
colgroup <colgroup> </colgroup> table grouped columns
dd <dd> </dd> definition term description
del <del> </del> text deleted
dfn <dfn> </dfn> definition text style
dir <dir> </dir> directory list
div <div> </div> division block
dl <dl> </dl> definition list
dt <dt> </dt> definition term
em <em> </em> emphasis text style
fieldset <fieldset> </fieldset> form grouped fields
font <font> </font> text font style
form <form> </form>  form
frame <frame>   window frame
frameset <frameset> </frameset> window grouped frames
h1 <h1> </h1> heading 1
h2 <h2> </h2> heading 2
h3 <h3> </h3> heading 3
h4 <h4> </h4> heading 4
h5 <h5> </h5> heading 5
h6 <h6> </h6> heading 6
head <head> </head> document head
hr <hr>   horizontal rule insert
html <html> </html> root document element
i <i> </i> italic text style
iframe <iframe> </iframe> inline window frame
img <img>   embedded image
input <input>   form input control
ins <ins> </ins> text inserted
isindex <isindex>    prompt for input
kbd <kdb> </kdb> keyboard entered text style
label <label> </label> form field label
legend <legend> </legend> form fieldset legend
li <li> </li> list item
link <link>   link of external resource
map <map> </map> image area map
menu <menu> </menu> menu list
meta <meta>   meta information
noframes <noframes> </noframes> no frame support content
noscript <noscript> </noscript> no script support content
object <object> </object> embedded object
ol <ol> </ol> ordered list
optgroup <optgroup> </optgroup> selection grouped option
option <option> </option> selection option item
p <p> </p> paragraph
param <param>   parameter value
pre <pre> </pre> preformatted text
q <q> </q> inline quotation
s <s> </s> strike-through text style
samp <samp> </samp> sample code output
script <script> </script> script statements
select <select> </select> form selection control
small <small> </small> small text style
span <span> </span> inline text division
strike <strike> </strike> strike-through text style
strong <strong> </strong> strong emphasis text style
style <style> </style> style rules
sub <sub> </sub> subscript text style
sup <sup> </sup> superscript text style
table <table> </table> table
tbody <tbody> </tbody> table body
td <td> </td> table data cell
textarea <textarea> </textarea> form multi-line text field
tfoot <tfoot> </tfoot> table footer
th <th> </th> table header cell
thead <thead> </thead> table header
title <title> </title> document title
tr <tr> </tr> table row
tt <tt> </tt> teletype text style
u <u> </u> underlined text style
ul <ul> </ul> unordered list
var <var> </var>  variable text style
required   Optional tag   Deprecated   Transitional   Frameset   Exclusion
Optional Element or Content Occurrence Character:
(+) one or more;  (*) zero or more;  (?) zero or one times;  ( ) exactly once 
Choice or Sequence Element or Content :
(|) or  (&) and  (,) sequence  (+) include  (-) exclude



  1., 1999, HTML 4.01 Specification: W3C Recommendation, updated 24 December 1999

ID: 100900003 Last Updated: 9/19/2010 Revision: 1 Ref:


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English (336)

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Web (644)new



Regular Expression (SC)


Knowledge Base

Common Color (SC)

Html Entity (Unicode) (SC)

Html 401 Special (SC)

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Windows10 (SC)

.NET Framework (SC)

DeskTop (7)



Formulas (8)

Number Theory (206)

Algebra (20)

Trigonometry (18)

Geometry (18)

Calculus (67)

Complex Analysis (21)


Tables (8)


Mechanics (1)

Rigid Bodies

Statics (92)

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