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html 401 tag table

element start tag end tag description
<!--...--> <!-- --> document comment 
<!DOCTYPE> <!DOCTYPE > document type
a <a> </a> anchor
abbr <abbr> </abbr> abbreviated text form
acronym <acronym> </acronym acronym text form
address <address> </address> author contact information
applet <applet> </applet> java applet
area <area>    image map clickable area
b <b> </b> bold text style
base <base>   base document url
basefont <basefont>   base font size
bdo <bdo> </bdo> text direction
big <big> </big> bigger text style
blockquote <blockquote> </blockquote> block quotation
body <body> </body> document body
br <br>   line break insert
button <button> </button> form button input
caption <caption> </caption> table caption
center <center> </center> centered division
cite <cite> </cite> citation
code <code> </code> computer code
col <col>   table column
colgroup <colgroup> </colgroup> table grouped columns
dd <dd> </dd> definition term description
del <del> </del> text deleted
dfn <dfn> </dfn> definition text style
dir <dir> </dir> directory list
div <div> </div> division block
dl <dl> </dl> definition list
dt <dt> </dt> definition term
em <em> </em> emphasis text style
fieldset <fieldset> </fieldset> form grouped fields
font <font> </font> text font style
form <form> </form>  form
frame <frame>   window frame
frameset <frameset> </frameset> window grouped frames
h1 <h1> </h1> heading 1
h2 <h2> </h2> heading 2
h3 <h3> </h3> heading 3
h4 <h4> </h4> heading 4
h5 <h5> </h5> heading 5
h6 <h6> </h6> heading 6
head <head> </head> document head
hr <hr>   horizontal rule insert
html <html> </html> root document element
i <i> </i> italic text style
iframe <iframe> </iframe> inline window frame
img <img>   embedded image
input <input>   form input control
ins <ins> </ins> text inserted
isindex <isindex>    prompt for input
kbd <kdb> </kdb> keyboard entered text style
label <label> </label> form field label
legend <legend> </legend> form fieldset legend
li <li> </li> list item
link <link>   link of external resource
map <map> </map> image area map
menu <menu> </menu> menu list
meta <meta>   meta information
noframes <noframes> </noframes> no frame support content
noscript <noscript> </noscript> no script support content
object <object> </object> embedded object
ol <ol> </ol> ordered list
optgroup <optgroup> </optgroup> selection grouped option
option <option> </option> selection option item
p <p> </p> paragraph
param <param>   parameter value
pre <pre> </pre> preformatted text
q <q> </q> inline quotation
s <s> </s> strike-through text style
samp <samp> </samp> sample code output
script <script> </script> script statements
select <select> </select> form selection control
small <small> </small> small text style
span <span> </span> inline text division
strike <strike> </strike> strike-through text style
strong <strong> </strong> strong emphasis text style
style <style> </style> style rules
sub <sub> </sub> subscript text style
sup <sup> </sup> superscript text style
table <table> </table> table
tbody <tbody> </tbody> table body
td <td> </td> table data cell
textarea <textarea> </textarea> form multi-line text field
tfoot <tfoot> </tfoot> table footer
th <th> </th> table header cell
thead <thead> </thead> table header
title <title> </title> document title
tr <tr> </tr> table row
tt <tt> </tt> teletype text style
u <u> </u> underlined text style
ul <ul> </ul> unordered list
var <var> </var>  variable text style
required   Optional tag   Deprecated   Transitional   Frameset   Exclusion
Optional Element or Content Occurrence Character:
(+) one or more;  (*) zero or more;  (?) zero or one times;  ( ) exactly once 
Choice or Sequence Element or Content :
(|) or  (&) and  (,) sequence  (+) include  (-) exclude


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Hobbies 7


Chinese 1097

English 337

Reference 67


Hardware 149


Application 187

Digitization 24

Numeric 19


Web 764



Regular Expression 1


Knowledge Base

Common Color 1

Html Entity (Unicode) 1

Html 401 Special 1

OS 389

MS Windows

Windows10 1

.NET Framework 1

DeskTop 7



Formulas 8

Algebra 21

Number Theory 206

Trigonometry 18

Geometry 18

Calculus 67

Complex Analysis 21


Tables 8


Mechanics 1

Rigid Bodies

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Fluid Kinematics 5


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FiniteElement 2


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