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Common Message Expression
  Opening Expression
  Concluding Expression

Common Message Expression


Opening Expression

  •  Thank you for your letter dated June 20, 2008.
  •  I am writing to ask about the conference to be held in New York next week.
  •  We learnt from your Email that you are interested in our products and would like to establish business relationship with us.
  •  In reply to your leHer of May 16th, I want to say ...
  •  We are pleased (glad) to inform you that...
  •  We have pleasure in sending you our catalog.
  •  I must apologize for replying to you so late.
  •  May I take the liberty of mailing you and confirming some points?
  •  I regret for being unable to attend your banquet on Friday.
  •  I am very excited and delighted at your good news,
  •  Many thanks for your letter 01 September 4, 2008.
  • A thousand thanks for your kind letter of November 24, 2008.
  •  Your letter that arrived today gave me great comfort.
  •  Thank you very much for your letter of August 1 and the gift you sent me on Christmas Eve.
  •  What a treat to receive your kind letter of May 5th!
  •  It is always a thrill to see your nice handwriting ..
  •  First of all, I must thank you for your kind assistance and high attention to me.
  •  With great delight, I learnt from your letter of this Sunday that. ..
  •  I was so glad to receive your letter of March 23rd.
  •  I am very much pleased to inform you that my visit to your country has been approved.
  •  I wish to apply for the teaching position you are offering.
  •  I am very obliged to you for your warm congratulations.
  •  My wife joined me in thanking you for the dinner party you gave in our honor last Monday.
  •  We acknowledged with thanks receipt of your letter dated Feb 5.
  • I regret for being unable to reply to your letter earlier due to pressure of work.
  •  I hope that you will excuse me for this late reply to your kind letter.
  •  I must apologize for not being able to reply to your kind letter until today.
  •  May I take the liberty of writing to you and appeal for your kind attention to ...
  •  Owing to busy work, I have not been able to reply to your leHer earlier for which I must apologize.
  •  With great delight, I leamed that...

Concluding Expression

  •  We look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.
  • Your early reply will be highly appreciated.
  •  Please let me know if you want more information.
  •  Any other particulars wanted. we shall be pleased to send you.
  • I wish you every success in the coming year.
  •  I look forward to our next meeting there in Los Angeles.
  •  Hoping to receive to your early reply, we remain.
  • The help you gave me is sincerely valued.
  •  With best regards to your family.
  •  I hope everything will be well with you.
  •  Awaiting your good news.
  •  Looking forward to your early reply.
  •  Hoping to hear from you very soon.
  •  We await your good news.
  •  I hope to hear from you very soon.
  •  Expecting your immediate response.
  •  Please remember me to your family.
  •  Thank you very much for your consideration.
  • With love and good wishes.
  •  Best wishes for aU of you.
  •  I expect your early reply soon.
  • I hope you always enjoy yourself.
  • I appreciate for your immediate reply, thanks once more!
  • If you need any assistance. I am available at any time.
  •  Thank you once again for your kind leHer.
  •  Please let me know if you require further information.
  •  I am always glad to be of serving to you.
  •  Please accept my sincere thanks for your kind aHention to this maner.
  •  With thanks and regards.
  •  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ...



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