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Magnetic Force in Moving Metal Bar
 Electricity in Moving Metal Bar
 Electric and Magnetic Forces
 Relativity of Electric and Magnetic Fields
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Magnetic Force in Moving Metal Bar

image By pulling a metal bar through a magnetic field at constant speed 𝑣, electron charges inside the metal bar are moved by magnetic force 𝐹=(-𝑒)𝑣×𝐡 to build up on one side. The electron current flows towards bottom until net force acting on electron is balanced by charge build up, that is 𝐹net=0. 𝐹net=π‘žπΈ+π‘žπ‘£Γ—π΅=0
β‡’|𝐸|=|𝑣||𝐡| in steady state equilibrium

Electricity in Moving Metal Bar

image By connecting a metal bar to a closed circuit during pulling the metal bar through a magnetic field at constant speed 𝑣, electron charges inside the metal bar are moved by magnetic force along one direction. Since the metal bar is connected to a closed circuit, the current inside the metal bar flows around the closed circuit. The work done by moving the metal bar is 𝐹𝐼=πΌβˆ†π‘™Γ—π΅=βˆ’πΉhand⇒𝐹𝐼=𝐼𝐿𝐡 Work: π‘Š=πΉβˆ†π‘₯=πΌπΏπ΅βˆ†π‘₯ Power: 𝑃=π‘Šβˆ†π‘‘=πΌπΏπ΅βˆ†π‘₯βˆ†π‘‘β‡’π‘ƒ=𝐼𝐿𝐡𝑣 β€‰βˆ΅emf=|𝐸|𝐿=𝑣𝐡𝐿⇒𝑃=𝐼(emf)

Electric and Magnetic Forces

The electric and magnetic forces are 𝐹=π‘žπΈ1=π‘žπ‘£Γ—π΅ image The electric field due to 1 on 2 is 𝐸1=14πœ‹πœ€0π‘ž1π‘Ÿ2π‘Ÿ
The electric force on 2 due to 1 is 𝐹21,𝑒=π‘ž2𝐸1=14πœ‹πœ€0π‘ž2π‘ž1π‘Ÿ2π‘Ÿβ‡’πΉ21,𝑒=14πœ‹πœ€0𝑒2π‘Ÿ2 image The magnetic field due to 1 on 2 is 𝐡1=πœ‡04πœ‹π‘ž1𝑣1π‘Ÿ2π‘Ÿ
The magnetic force on 2 due to 1 is 𝐹21,π‘š=π‘ž2𝑣2×𝐡1=π‘ž2𝑣2πœ‡04πœ‹π‘ž1𝑣1π‘Ÿ2π‘Ÿβ‡’πΉ21,π‘š=πœ‡04πœ‹π‘’2𝑣2π‘Ÿ2 image The ratio of magnetic force over electric force is 𝐹21,π‘šπΉ21,𝑒=πœ‡04πœ‹π‘’2𝑣2π‘Ÿ2/14πœ‹πœ€0𝑒2π‘Ÿ2=πœ‡0πœ€0𝑣2
Since πœ‡0πœ€0=1𝑐2⇒𝐹21,π‘šπΉ21,𝑒=𝑣2𝑐2
Therefore πΉπ‘šβ‰€πΉπ‘’

Relativity of Electric and Magnetic Fields

image Magnetic field measurement depends on frame of reference. The Lorentz factor 𝛾=1√1βˆ’π‘£2/𝑐2>1
Theory of relativity is the speed of light in vacuum = constant 𝑐 = 3Γ—10^8m/s always constant in every references frame. Space and time warp to preserve the speed of light. That is length contraction 𝐿observed=𝐿/𝛾, time dilation 𝑑observed=𝛾*𝑑, mass increase π‘šobserved=𝛾*π‘š. Electric and magnetic field also adjust. Special relativity is wiggy. Since electric and magnetic fields are closely related, they are usually called electromagnetic field. image The observed electromagnetic field of a rapidly moving particle is 𝐸′π‘₯=𝐸π‘₯ 𝐸′𝑦=𝛾(πΈπ‘¦βˆ’π‘£π΅π‘§) 𝐸′𝑧=𝛾(𝐸𝑧+𝑣𝐡𝑦) 𝐡′π‘₯=𝐡π‘₯ 𝐡′𝑦=𝛾(𝐡𝑦+𝑣𝐸𝑧/𝑐2) 𝐡′𝑧=𝛾(π΅π‘§βˆ’π‘£πΈπ‘¦/𝑐2)

Source and Reference


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